Get to know your soil: with technology in hand or with hands in the ground

Dankzij compost wordt er in één keer veel organische stof toegediend.

sJohan Lavens has regularly taken soil samples for years. Several years ago, he noticed that his organic carbon continued to decline steadily. The experiences in the field – large yield differences in one field and a larger nitrogen application that was required to obtain a good yield – also pointed to a declining soil fertility. … Read more

What is the role and importance of data and design teams within Formula 1?

Wat is de rol en het belang van data- en ontwerpteams binnen de Formule 1?

Formula 1 is not just a matter of getting in the car and doing your laps as fast as possible. Behind the scenes, designing the race cars is a continuous process of properly integrating technological innovations. Formula 1 is therefore not only a racing competition, but also a technology competition driven by advanced data analytics. … Read more