Feel free to rant against God: He listens


During the general audience on May 18, Pope Francis explained that in the face of misery, we may express our wrath to God. Dear brothers and sisters, good morning! The biblical text we have just heard concludes the book of Job, a pinnacle of world literature. We meet Job in this series of catechesis on … Read more

Nature Today | The tree in the sun for a week

Nature Today |  The tree in the sun for a week

Atlasser Channah has been working on it for weeks: looking at trees. With diligent work she has tackled her front garden and there are now trees and plants instead of tiles. Are there buttons already attached? Why aren’t the buttons coming out yet? On the other side, the buttons are already off. Will they do … Read more

You’re never too old to learn: How do you keep the elderly challenged?

Student geeft college aan ouderen via Stichting Oud Geleerd Jong Gedaan

The Oud Geleerd Jong Gedaan Foundation has been organizing interactive lectures for seniors since 2014, given by enthusiastic student teachers at various locations in the Netherlands. Enny van Arkel and Ilse Nieuwland are the proud founders and directors of the foundation. They strive for a society in which lifelong learning is the norm for everyone. … Read more

Is vegan food really healthy for the elderly?

Is vegan food really healthy for the elderly?

Eating more plant-based foods is healthier, according to the Nutrition Center. But if you don’t eat fish or meat or even no animal products at all, it is difficult to get enough protein. The elderly in particular can run into shortages, say researchers at Wageningen University. They are conducting research into plant-based food for the … Read more

Third shot for select group with severe immune disorder, booster not yet necessary | news item

Extra corona shot for people over 70, residents of nursing homes and people with a severely reduced resistance |  news item

News item | 14-09-2021 | 19:20 A specific group of patients with a severe immune disorder may be given better protection against the coronavirus with a third vaccination. This concerns patients who are being treated by a medical specialist for a specific condition or who are prescribed certain medicines. That is what the Health Council … Read more

Let’s do some math: how healthy was the resident of Leiden in 2020?

Let's do some math: how healthy was the resident of Leiden in 2020?

Leiden did remain regional champion soft drugs. Leiden residents felt healthier last year than in 2016. They thus followed a national trend, except that our city and region scored above average again. But how can that be: healthier, during a pandemic? What exactly went better and what didn’t? First the good news. No less than … Read more

‘Mental problems in the elderly are still misunderstood’ – Belgium

'Mental problems in the elderly are still misunderstood' - Belgium

‘Depressive feelings and suicidal thoughts in the elderly are still too often normalized. As if mental suffering were a normal part of aging,” writes Karolien Favoreel of Vief vzw. She draws attention to the mental health of the elderly who were very affected by the corona crisis. In his policy statement, Prime Minister De Croo … Read more