Walk with us around Stadskanaal

CITY CANAL – This morning the walking group Walk with us with 6 participants walked in the area of ​​Stadskanaal. A beautiful route that was plotted in advance by one of the hikers. Below is Greetje Dümmer’s report.

Wednesday morning walk around Pagedal, Oude Vloeivelden, Veenhuizerstuks, Veenhuizen, Ter Maarsch, Pagedal with the hiking group Wandel Met Us.

This morning, despite the stormy weather, we went for a walk. Two walkers of the group had set out a beautiful route in the area of ​​Stadskanaal. The starting point was the parking lot at Pagecentrum in Stadskanaal. From there we went along the Oude Vloeivelden, Veenhuizerstuks, Veenhuizen and Ter Maarsch and via the Pagedal area back to our starting point. We generally had good weather, only on the last kilometer it started to rain a bit. But we got a good breath of fresh air. We were six people this morning.

The Pagedal is located on the northeast side of the town of Stadskanaal. The recreation area consists of woods, meadows and a recreational pond with a beach. The name is derived from the Pòggedal (Pògge = frog)[1], the valley of the Pagediep, a stream from Stadskanaal to Onstwedde. The Pagedal connects to the Vledderbos via the Rode Loper (a bridge over the AG Wildervanck Canal and the N366 parallel to it). Part of the Page valley is also a herb and botanical garden. The Pagedal was constructed in the second half of the 20th century as a recreational facility for the residents of the new districts of Stadskanaal. Due to the expansion of the population, partly caused by the arrival of Philips, new residential areas were created and the need for recreational facilities increased. In the Pagedal there is a work of art by the visual artist Christine Chiffrun, the Poggelinie (see image), which refers to the meaning of the name Pagedal. The work points in the direction of the course of the Pagediep from Stadskanaal to Onstwedde.

Stadskanaal : flow fields of the potato flour factory “De twee Provinciën”
Ter Maarsch is a hamlet located between Stadskanaal and Onstwedde province of Groningen (Netherlands). The stream “het Pagediep” runs along the hamlet, in the dialect Poggendaip, which means “frog deep”. Ter Maarsch has the character of an ash swarm village. The name Ter Maarsch probably refers to mars, which means swamp. The settlement arose on a sand ridge in the eastern Groningen peat area. Ter Maarsch used to belong to the marke van Veenhuizen. Ecclesiastically people were oriented towards Onstwedde. From Ter Maarsch, the Oude Kerkpad runs through a wooded canal in the direction of Onstwedde. This cycle path used to be a footpath to the church in Onstwedde. Ter Maarsch is an agriculturally oriented neighborhood community. There used to be a medieval stone house. The foundations are now used by one of the oldest farms called Ter Maars.

The nature reserve “De Veenhuizerstuken” is located near this hamlet. The area belongs to Staatsbosbeheer, but until the 1960s, this area contained the flow fields of the De Twee Provinciën potato starch factory in Stadskanaal. Next to the Veenhuizerstuks is the Christian camping site “de Sikkenberg”.
For the photos click on the link: https://photos.app.goo.gl/QeTRyakATQrCifPi7

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