Cardano founder is excited about these upcoming improvements

Cardano (ADA) founder Charles Hoskinson is excited about some of the changes currently taking place on his crypto project’s blockchain. According to Hoskinson, development is now going so fast that it will not be long before activity on the platform increases sharply.

Scaling Cardano

Not long ago, the company behind Cardano, Input Output Global (IOG), shared an update on the so-called side chains of the project. A new toolkit should make it easier for developers to scale up projects on Cardano.

As part of this project, World Mobile announced that it has expanded its partnership with IOG. The companies have been working together for three years now, but World Mobile is now expanding to Cardano sidechains.

According to Hoskinson, Hydra, a scalability solution for the blockchain, is also on track. Last year, IOG announced through a blog post that some new improvements to the Hydra protocol are on the way.

Recently, IOG announced a partnership with Mlabs10 to organize auctions on Hydra. Mlabs10 is a blockchain and fintech consultancy company. In any case, Cardano continues to take impressive steps.

Not the only thing

Incidentally, these are not the only improvements that are in the pipeline for Cardano. We can also expect Mithril soon. This is a stake-based signature protocol, which increases the speed and efficiency of synchronizing nodes. By synchronizing nodes, we mean downloading and checking the entire transaction history.

Running a node means downloading, reviewing, and checking the entire transaction history of a blockchain. Thanks to Mithril, this will go a bit faster for Cardano nodes. This is also an update that takes the network one step further towards the potential worldwide adoption of the technology.

In any case, Hoskinson is excited about all the improvements coming to his project. He expects a lot from the sidechains in particular, as witnessed by the tweet.

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