Exercise offer for the elderly is growing with the addition of OldStars billiards

A new collaboration between the National Fund for the Elderly and the Royal Dutch Billiard Association (KNBB)

Amersfoort, Monday 23 January 2023

In December 2022, the National Fund for the Elderly and the KNBB signed a cooperation agreement. With this they sealed the growth of the sports and exercise offer for the elderly in the Netherlands to 16 sports and games. OldStars sport connects people to grow older together and exercise for a lifetime. The forms of exercise are accessible and meeting and social contact are central to each training.

Free clinic Christ van der Smissen

“Earlier, we have already worked very well with the National Elderly Fund as part of our Time for Chalk project. It is extremely important to keep the elderly involved and to get them moving,” says Willem La Riviere, director of KNBB.

“Billiards is a suitable tool for this. With OldStars billiards, billiards is made even more accessible. OldStars billiards can support the billiard associations affiliated with us in their membership recruitment and thus strengthen their social value in the area.”

The first two clubs to register with the Ouderenfonds will receive a free clinic from Christ van der Smissen, ambassador of the Ouderenfonds for OldStars billiards. You can register via: oldstars@ouderenfonds.nl.

Former lifestyle and sports project leader Daan de Krijger, KNBB director Willem La Riviere and Anne Bulsink, current OldStars project leader

“OldStars is an excellent opportunity for associations to reach and retain a new group of members for a long time. It’s great that we can now also use OldStars billiards to get even more elderly people moving,” says Anne Bulsink, OldStars project leader.

What is OldStars billiards?

OldStars billiards uses the same rules as regular billiards, with a number of exceptions. For example, a special OldStars warm-up is started in which motor skills and hand-eye coordination are discussed, and the game is played for hundreds with one extra ball to make the game accessible to everyone. These exceptions make an important contribution to the enjoyment of exercise. OldStars billiards can appeal to former billiard players, but also to older people who have never played billiards before. This activity is therefore an excellent recruitment tool for participating billiard clubs. Read more about our movement method. OldStars billiards is not about winning, but about fun and moving together.

Aging fit together with OldStars

With OldStars, the National Elderly Fund connects people over 55 to grow older together. We inspire a lifetime of exercise. That is why we are committed to ensuring that everyone in the Netherlands has low-threshold access to an age-friendly exercise or sports environment at home or in the neighbourhood. Our exercise inspiration gives seniors the opportunity to stay fit in their own way. In this way they experience the benefits of a lifetime of exercise, an important objective of the National Elderly Fund and partner Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport. The aim is for seniors to meet each other to exercise responsibly together, so that they retain control over their own lives.

After OldStars football, the Ouderenfonds successfully launched 15 new adapted game forms for the over-55s, such as OldStars hockey, OldStars table tennis, OldStars cycling and OldStars running. OldStars Vitaal focuses on target groups in and around residential care centers

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