Is it wise to combine different nutritional supplements?

Sometimes it can help to add supplements to your daily diet. So it advises Nutrition Center that the elderly should take extra vitamin D. They clearly benefit from vitamin D supplements. Suppose you take several nutritional supplements, can everything be taken in combination just like that?

The types of nutritional supplements

First some nutritional supplements. They are products that consist only of vitamins, minerals or bioactive substances. Often they are pills or capsules, but they can also be drops, powders or drinks.

These can be divided into 3 categories. As the 1st supplements with only 1 vitamin or mineral, such as a pill with vitamin C. As the 2nd multi-supplements with a combination of vitamins and/or minerals. Think of a multi-vitamin pill or vitamin B complex. And as 3rd nutraceuticals. This contains bioactive substances in a food supplement, such as probiotics.

Absorption by the body

Each body absorbs vitamins and minerals in its own way. This is done from the gut, through its own mechanism. The amount absorbed depends on that mechanism, so leave it Nutrition Center know upon request. They explain that the food you eat also influences the absorption of vitamins and minerals.

“Some dietary factors stimulate absorption and others inhibit absorption. For example: vitamin C stimulates the absorption of iron, while phytic acid (this is found in grains) inhibits the absorption. The absorption of a vitamin or mineral is therefore never 100 percent. This has been taken into account for each vitamin and/or mineral when drawing up the recommended amounts. The recommended amount provides the amount the body needs to function normally Nutrition Center. That is why it is important not to take more than the recommended amount of a dietary supplement.

Combining multiple supplements

A lot of different information can be found about combining different nutritional supplements. So says Margaret that some combinations can have a negative effect. For example, magnesium and calcium, iron and green tea, vitamin C and copper.

The Nutrition Center indicates that there are few studies that have specifically investigated interactions between magnesium and calcium. “Based on the metabolism, you can assume that there are interactions between magnesium and other minerals such as calcium. In the studies that have been done, sometimes no effect is seen, sometimes there is. These studies are not always representative of a normal situation or of good quality.”

Usually nothing extra is needed

In general, most people do not need additional dietary supplements. We get enough vitamins and minerals by eating a healthy and varied diet. But the elderly, women who are pregnant or young children are advised to take vitamin D, K or folic acid.

Be careful when taking extra nutritional supplements

Doctor Ted van Essen writes in his column MAXMagazine to be careful with taking extra vitamins. “Few people realize that an excess of vitamins can lead to serious health problems. Sometimes even to (irreversible) health damage.”

(Source: Nutrition Center, Margriet, NVWA, MAX Magazine. Photo: Shutterstock)

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