OM demands youth detention and community service against boy (16) suspected of explosions at two catering establishments | News item

News item | 17-01-2023 | 6:39 pm

Today, the public prosecutor has demanded 69 days of juvenile detention and 200 hours of community service against a now 16-year-old boy from Amsterdam who is suspected of having placed and detonated explosives at two catering establishments in Amsterdam last summer.

The boy is suspected of deliberately causing an explosion at the café In the City on the Kleine-Gartmanplantsoen in the center of Amsterdam in the night of August 7 to 8, 2022. The blast destroyed the front door and porch. The boy is also suspected of having placed and detonated an explosive at the Harbor Club on Cruquiusweg in the east two days later, in the early morning of August 10, 2022. The explosion caused damage to the front door and windows of the building.

Harbor club

CCTV footage shows that two boys approach the Harbor Club just before the explosion. A boy in a gray vest walks to the building and shortly after that the explosion follows. A witness who went to look outside after hearing a bang stated that he saw a boy climbing over a fence. Later, the police find in a garbage can on the other side of that fence, among other things, that gray vest that the boy is wearing in the images. Presumably, when the boy climbed over the fence, he used a drainpipe because traces of his blood and fingerprints were found on that drainpipe.

This is not the only evidence. The suspect’s telephone polls the Harbor Club around that time that night. During the six-month period, it’s the first time his phone probed that location.

In the City

The suspect’s DNA is also found at café In the City after the explosion. CCTV footage shows the suspects wearing black socks over their hands. One of those socks, with DNA from the suspect, was found by the police at the crime scene shortly after the explosion. Here too, the suspect’s telephone probed the vicinity of café In the City around that time of the night in question, while this had not happened six months earlier.


All in all, the public prosecutor takes the position that there is sufficient legal and convincing evidence. She demanded 69 days of unconditional juvenile detention less pre-trial detention, six months of suspended juvenile detention with a probationary period of two years and 200 hours of community service. In her closing statement, the public prosecutor emphasized the danger posed by explosions. Not only the risk of serious material damage, but also danger to persons in the immediate vicinity of the explosion.

Reluctant with information

The substantive court hearing took place this afternoon behind closed doors because the suspect is a minor. Because the police and the Public Prosecution Service are always reluctant to deal with cases in which minors seem to play a role, this message only shares information about the case and not about the person of the suspect.

Verdict: January 31.

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