Seniors exercise together in MAX documentary Keep going

The documentary Keep going tells the story of five elderly seniors, who train together in a Rotterdam gym to keep fit. The film by director Anneloek Sollart shows that origin and social status no longer matter during sports, the seniors support each other. It is an emotionally charged film about hope and perseverance, while the body falters and the living environment of the seniors shrinks. Keep going can be seen on Thursday 19 January at 10.15 pm at MAX on NPO 2.

Leen (91) has been sporting all his life. The film shows how difficult he finds it that his body can do less and less. “I don’t want to get rickety”, he says when jumping rope is no longer possible. Zahra (70) has fled Iran. During the day she helps terminally ill people move, even when they have to lie in bed. She comes to the gym to forget about the heavy work and to stay fit. Ria (74) is not a sporty type at all, she doesn’t look at a cake more or less. At the gym she sees her friends and is out of her ‘quiet house’ for a while. Harry (76) tries to find a woman through training. He wants to remain attractive and still matter. Jan (85) has a Spartan sports schedule. In the evening he gives handball training to students with a paralyzed left arm.

Hope and zest for life
The gym fraternizes and gives the elderly unprecedented pleasure. Despite the fanatical sports, the decline is unstoppable. The documentary also shows the seniors alone at home. Then they have to do without the help of the club. One succeeds better than the other. And otherwise there is always that typical Rotterdam self-mockery. Keep going shows the confrontational fight against the stiffening body, with the realization that that battle is always lost in the long run. It is an emotionally charged film full of zest for life, about hope and perseverance.

Keep going is a co-production of The Film Kitchen and Omroep MAX and was made possible in part thanks to the financial support of CoBO, VEVAM and the Municipality of Rotterdam

Keep going
Thursday, January 19
At 10.15 pm at MAX on NPO 2

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