Long queue at empty sale Alkmaar fabric store Jan Sikkes: “Making the last blow”

The well-known fabric and curtain business Jan Sikkes has gone bankrupt. The closing sale attracts a lot of attention at the branch on the Laat in Alkmaar: there was a long queue, so that the store was occasionally forced to close things temporarily. “It is a great loss for everyone, a pity.”

This time no long queue for a concert ticket from one artist or another, but for the total empty sale at curtains and fabric store Jan Sikkes. All items are available for half price.

Due to the crowds, a maximum of twenty people are allowed inside. Then the staff closes the door again. ‘If it gets too busy, we are forced to temporarily close the store‘ read on the window.

According to the annual accounts, the company suffered large losses in the past year due to the sharp rise in purchase prices and higher wage costs. The liquidation sale will last another month, until February 11. However, the fabric store is only open from Thursday to Saturday.


Rianne (35) from Alkmaar tells NH Radio that she has been in the fabric store since she was a child. “It always felt like a candy store here,” she reacts to the bankruptcy. She always makes her children’s clothes herself, so she stores as much fabric as possible for her future creations. “A great loss for the city center.”

Franchet Broertjes of Spot Atelier Alkmaar, a working environment that offers people a daytime activity, is busy hoarding together with her colleagues. Fabrics such as felt and tulle are among others on the list. “We use a lot of fabric in our studio and embroider and sew a lot. I quickly bought all the needles, so they are sold out,” says Broertjes.

Ria from Egmond could also often be found in the fabric store. She is very disappointed with the closure. “For me it is really a loss, it is getting a bit poor in Alkmaar and the surrounding area.”

Shop for fabrics

With a huge shopping list in hand, she wanders through all the fabrics. “I still need needles for my sewing machine and scissors. I’m looking for sheet cotton for a grandchild on the way. But I also need fabric for a coat, and I want to make another shawl,” she sums up.

She is therefore happy that she still has the whole month to stock up. “Maybe I’ll come back with my daughter. That discount is nice, but that’s not what I’m doing it for. I have to make my last move now, because it won’t be possible later.”

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