Fit in 2023 with the Milon Circle


RUURLO – In addition to a regular fitness offer, TotalFit in Ruurlo also has the Milon Circle, a fully automatic, electrical power circuit that builds up both fitness and muscle strength. “Our muscle strength decreases by a kg per year after the age of thirty if we do nothing,” says Niels van der Knoop of TotalFit. He therefore argues for the combination of strength training and endurance training.

By Rob Weber

The Milon Circle consists of a circuit of eight devices with which you have done a complete workout in just 35 minutes. Per round you do three times one minute of strength training, four minutes of cycling, three times of one minute of strength training and finally another four minutes of cardio training on the elliptical trainer. You always have 30 seconds to run between the devices. In 35 minutes you have had a full body workout. The ideal frequency is twice a week, but twice in ten days will prevent muscle breakdown.

Under supervision
The circuit is a program individually tailored to each athlete, set up through an intake by a certified instructor. “The great thing about the Milon Circle is that you always do it under supervision,” explains Van der Knoop. “Personal guidance forms the intake, where we design a circuit based on a physical analysis that is tailored to the condition and strength of the athlete in question. Each athlete also wears a Milon wristband with which the machines automatically adjust to the individual user. Furthermore, after every twenty training sessions, we briefly evaluate with an instructor so that it is possible to switch to a different intensity and plan. There is always someone in the room.”

Training through the Milon Circle is not just for the elderly. The target group consists of sporty people between 25 and 90 years old. “We see a strong increase in the group that uses the Milon Circle,” says Van der Knoop, “but we also hope to reach those people who have not yet found their way to the gym. You cannot achieve sufficient muscle strength by just maintaining your condition. For example, if you want to keep climbing stairs for as long as possible, you will have to do something. The attractive thing about the Milon Circle is that it takes relatively little time for an optimal result.”

Action month

The TotalFit 35 Milon club is located within TotalFit Ruurlo and is open Monday to Thursday from 08:30 to 21:00, Fridays from 08:30 to 15:00 and Saturdays from 09:00 to 12:00. Members can enter without an appointment, there is always occupation at the times mentioned. Those interested in the Milon Circle can do a trial training by appointment. If there is a registration, you can follow a month of free training in January. For more information, please contact: or tel: 0573-454625.

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