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Schneider Electric, a leader in the digital transformation of energy management and industrial automation, announces the successful integration of the EcoStruxure™ Automation Expert (EAE) solution with Royal HaskoningDHV Nereda® Process Control Software for sustainable and cost-effective wastewater treatment technology.

Earlier this year, Royal HaskoningDHV named Schneider Electric as the preferred global supplier for its Nereda wastewater treatment solution. As a result of that collaboration, this next-generation technology is designed to improve sustainability, resiliency and process efficiency in treatment plants through full lifecycle management, seamless integration with information technology and operational technology services, and enhanced system diagnostics for automation systems. A cloud-ready, cyber-secure, flexible, and scalable architecture delivers cost savings by reducing footprint with simplified yet robust architectures. It is also emission-reduced and future-proof with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning capabilities for continuous improvement.

The integrated solution is based on the IEC61499 interoperability standard and has been successfully tested and validated through Royal HaskoningDHV’s rigorous certification process. Developers, operators and system integrators can improve all aspects of the water treatment process, from design and construction to operation and maintenance.

The benefits are clear:

  • Purification plants can realize up to 50% improvement of the technical input
  • 30% optimization on commissioning
  • 10% savings on optimized, robust architectures

“We have made it our mission to lead the way in the next generation of sustainability and digital transformation in water. In doing so, we are constantly looking for collaboration with innovative and complementary partners Alain Dedieu, President of Water and Wastewater at Schneider Electric. “With Royal HaskoningDHV, we can deliver a future-proof, digital wastewater treatment solution that offers access to next-generation process controls. With this we combine the best of our automation technologies with Royal HaskoningDHV’s transformative Nereda platform.”

“Using EcoStruxure Automation Expert will significantly reduce the time spent integrating and testing control software for Nereda installations,” said Jelle Langedijk, Process Engineer at Royal HaskoningDHV. “The standardized application makes it easy to troubleshoot and adapt processes to customer-specific configurations. The user-friendly Schneider Electric Human-Machine Interface (HMI) is ultimately a robust solution for industrial applications.”

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EcoStruxure™ Automation Expert enables Nereda’s plant operators to leverage IT/OT convergence, expand the range of monitoring options and ultimately reduce unplanned downtime through easier and faster troubleshooting.

“For the first time, IT and OT experts can see exactly the same cyber-physical system, but from their own different perspectives,” said Harry Forbes, industry analyst at ARC Advisory, in the analyst report The Road to Universal Automation. “This is possible because the production system (in the OT view) is mapped to a set of standardized IT resources. Once this is achieved, the IT and OT disciplines can work together on a whole new and higher level, and IT’s advanced software tools and technologies can be effectively deployed at all points of the manufacturing process.”

“The main benefit of this much higher level of IT/OT convergence should be less unplanned downtime, which now costs the industry about $100 billion annually, according to ARC. Currently, the responsibility for monitoring and diagnosing the production automation systems rests entirely with OT personnel. In the future, the work can be shared. IT experts will provision, monitor and manage system resources (computers, networks, storage, etc.), while production experts will manage and optimize actual production operations.”

For further information, please contact RoyalHaskoningDHV and Schneider Electric or visit the Aqua Nederland exhibition in Gorinchem on 21, 22 and 23 March 2023, where both companies will be present.

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