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We love lists, especially ones with New Year’s resolutions. One goes into a Dry January, the other throws his cigarettes in the trash. Maybe cliché intentions, but stubborn habits (learn or unlearn) repeatedly come back on our lists. More sports, less snacking.

Since we just started the new year, I’m sharing the list of the most remarkable resolutions from my immediate environment, feel free to join if you’re inspired.

One: Set the thermostat to zero for the rest of the winter. My best friend saw his energy bill triple. He was already well on his way to minimizing his climate impact; short showers, no aluminum coffee cups. Now the heating is completely off. I don’t think sipping your wine with chattering teeth is a very nice start to the year, but wrapped in thermal clothing, with hot water bottles in bed, and wearing thick woolen socks, he knows how to make it cozy. His tip: warm yourself up in the supermarket, in a café or with a friend. Good for your energy bill, but especially for the climate that has to wait a while, now that coal is being used again on a massive scale due to the energy crisis.

Two: Getting rich while sleeping. My fellow actor wants to focus on passive income. Increasingly, an increasingly younger group seems to want to stop working early or prefer not to work at all. I can hardly imagine what the fun is of not contributing anything to society or putting a stop to self-development. In any case, my colleague will buy a lottery ticket every month to increase his chances, and furthermore: save, save to open an investment account. Because for the time being there is no ability to exercise being rich while asleep.

Three: Stop dismissing situations of transgressive behavior at work, but actively discuss them. In sectors where you have made such a big sacrifice to be where you are on the one hand and where there is a huge surplus on the other, it’s not that easy. Try telling your boss that you don’t like it. She starts the new year with a list of authorities and telephone numbers of confidential advisers.

Four: My neighbor will not purchase new products for a year, with the exception of groceries, of course. This applies to clothing (thrift), household appliances (borrowing), and books (mini-libraries). She has made a list of thrift stores in the area and warned all friends that she can come and call on their (kitchen) equipment in the coming year. According to her, a kettle from the thrift store is fine to use after cleaning it with vinegar. That you know. And as a good neighbor I prepare myself for her cries for help.

I wish everyone a fantastic and inspiring new year. We try to do it right, but we will most likely make a mess of it. Let’s try to be a good person and we will get through the gloomy month of January.

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