Maashorst invests in healthy and vital residents

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MAASHORST – Sport and exercise contribute to healthy and vital residents. That is why the municipality of Maashorst is granting a subsidy of more than eight hundred thousand euros for the deployment of neighborhood sports coaches for 2023. The project is being carried out by Sportservice Noord-Brabant (SSNB) in collaboration with co-financing parties, such as education. The neighborhood sports coaches will work on a number of goals in 2023. By means of (stimulating) sports, exercise and play activities for all ages, the neighborhood sports coaches work on the positive health of residents, on inclusion and on the development of children’s motor skills. The starting point is that everyone should be able to participate.

Sport and exercise are not only used as a goal, but also as a means. In this way, other objectives can also be achieved, such as combating loneliness. In addition, the sports coaches support sports and exercise providers in Maashorst. They do this, among other things, by collecting the demand, helping them on their way, providing them with information, allowing them to collaborate with other associations and linking up with national developments. The aim is to maintain a sustainable sport and exercise offer. Themes that are leading in the working method of the sports coaches are Inclusive sports and exercise, vital sports and exercise providers, a positive sports culture, skilled in exercise from an early age, and sustainable sports and exercise infrastructure. These themes are based on, among other things, the national sports agreement.

Alderman Harold van den Broek: “The subsidy will continue the policy in the former municipalities of Landerd and Uden. In addition, 2023 is seen as a transition year, in order to maintain the foundations laid in the municipalities and at the same time take steps towards a new sports and exercise policy.” In addition to a structural subsidy of 770,000 euros, an incidental subsidy of more than 40,000 euros will also go to SSNB. This money is specifically intended to deploy neighborhood sports coaches for vulnerable target groups: young people, the elderly and people with disabilities. This group has grown enormously due to the corona crisis and is experiencing a higher threshold to participate in society.

Sports and exercise activities, such as exercise routes and neighborhood benkskes, are accessible and very popular. The incidental subsidy is used for more hours for a neighborhood sports coach. This ensures that more initiatives can be taken up.

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