Additional houses planned around the Kopermolen: Tiny Houses and a residential tower

The tiny shed on the square near the Koperwiek (Photo: Casper Chaudron).

The redevelopment of the Kopermolen in the Leidse Merenwijk brings additional homes to the district. Plans for the shopping center and the immediate vicinity have been in the works for several years now. These are becoming more concrete. For example, a number of Tiny Houses will be built on the roof of restaurant De Panda and the owner of the shopping center is building a residential tower with apartments for seniors and starters right next to the Kopermolen.

The first model of such a Tiny House is now on the square at the Koperwiek next to the old Hema. It was made to scale by thrift shop Het department store and consists of recycled materials from the Groennoordhallen, which was demolished in 2010. The small houses will be delivered in 2023.

Casper Chaudron in conversation with Jeroen Bakker and Marjolein Cancrinus about the Tiny Houses.

Fashion model
The model gives an idea of ​​what the Tiny Houses will look like in ‘twice as small’. The real small houses occupy about 65 square meters. It is not yet known exactly how many Tiny Houses will be built. “But we expect about 8 or 9 copies.”

Kitchen garden
The owner of the shopping centre, Van der Vorm Vastgoed, also wants to go green. “That is why there will be a vegetable garden on the square next to the Tiny House model instead of tiles. It can be maintained by the local residents. The model also serves as a shed for storage of the items. A Tiny Barn!”

In the coming months, we will plan how the vegetable garden will be arranged. The community is still looking for volunteers to help.

Residential tower
A residential tower will be built in the immediate vicinity of the Kopermolen. “Next to the Papiermolen, so really against the Kopermolen, 75 apartments for starters and the elderly from the Merenwijk will be built,” promises alderman Julius Terpstra. It has been agreed with the developer that residents of the neighborhood will be given priority over the homes. “We hope to encourage seniors who want to live a little smaller, but don’t want to leave the neighbourhood, to move to an apartment. The single-family homes they leave behind will then become available more quickly for other home seekers.”

Chris de Waard in conversation with alderman Julius Terpstra about the redevelopment of the Kopermolen.

To prevent the square near the shopping center and residential tower from being used exclusively as a parking space, an underground parking garage will be constructed.


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