Jan van Arckel switches from Sunday to Saturday

Game moment from the match Jan van Arckel-Maliskamp (October 16) with Nick van Velzen and Melle Goesten. Photo: Gerald van Zanten

AMMERZODEN – Jan van Arckel will be a Saturday club from next season. It follows a trend already started by numerous Sunday clubs in the country.

The switch is of course a major cultural change and brings some emotion to ‘de Jantjes’. For almost ninety years, Sunday was football day in Ammerzoden.

The green light was given during the recent general meeting of members. “A large majority of those present agreed with the change,” says vice-chairman Bart Vugts. “That in itself went well. Of course there were members who were concerned, but that was minimal.”

A few years ago, most of Jan van Arckel’s teams started playing on Saturdays. So it is not completely new at the Ammerzoden football club. “On Sunday, three more teams played: the first, second and third teams. For the youth, Saturday is already a well-known day to play football,” continues Vugts. “And the teams that had already switched to Saturday experience it as very pleasant. That also played a role in our decision.”

Field occupation
“Yes, it will take some getting used to for the older generation,” Vugts agrees. “They have been used to leaving for Jan van Arckel on Sundays for decades. The sports park will now be empty on Sunday. Perhaps the billiards club in our canteen will still play on that day and exceptionally there will perhaps be another friendly match.”

Most will be happy with Saturday, Vugts expects. “Maybe the mothers too,” smiles Vugts. Everything on Saturday means that there will be a lot of commotion at sports park D’n Huybert that day. From early to late. The expectation is that it will benefit the fun. “The field occupation will be a burden on our lawn,” Vugts mentions a possible downside.

Head coach Giel Goesten also welcomes the switch to Saturday. Incidentally, it is not that long ago that Goesten stated in this newspaper that his club did not want the switch. “Jan van Arckel remains a Sunday club,” he said. “Indeed, I said so a few months ago. I have also been reminded of this in recent days”, the trainer/coach laughs.

“Personally, I have always been pro-Saturday. I have to be honest about that too. I have had a lot of contact with youth players and youth trainers on the subject. By switching to Saturdays, the connection between youth and seniors will be better. And we are only talking about three senior teams including the first team. The youth already plays on Saturday. I only see advantages. It is the best choice for the long term.”

For the first team and also the supporters, of course, it must also be a challenge to be on the field against completely ‘unknown’ new opponents. “I think the new program eases the pain. We are moving horizontally and I see it very positively. It seems to me a very attractive competition with BZC ’14, Kerkwijk, Well and NOAD’32.”

Goesten himself played for Saturday clubs (Roda Boys and WNC) in the past and his brothers Bart and Rob are currently playing their Saturday game at Nivo Sparta and Roda Boys respectively. In short; they know the conviviality that many Saturday clubs exude. Goesten does not expect players to say goodbye to the club due to the change from Sunday to Saturday. “The selection is unanimous in support of the decision.”

Perhaps the switch means that players with roots in Ammerzoden, who now play elsewhere, will make the move to return to Jan van Arckel.

Like, for example, Aron Dekkers who plays for neighbor Well. “I didn’t necessarily choose Saturday football. My transition to Well came about because I absolutely wanted to play and that was not certain in the first with Jan van Arckel. I’m having a great time at Well. It will be nice to be able to play with Well against my old club, which I played for from the youth, “the Well defender is looking forward to the confrontations with his old club.


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