Musical Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is super tasty

The story of Roald Dahl’s most popular book comes to life in a spectacular musical from the Theater Alliance. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory tells the well-known story of Charlie, who has dreamed for years of visiting Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory. This mysterious chocolate maker suddenly opens the gates of his mysterious chocolate factory, but only for five lucky people who manage to find a golden ticket.

The story may be known. Almost everyone has read the story of Charlie and his golden tour ticket or seen the movie at some point. In short: 5 duo tickets for a tour of the most famous chocolate factory can be won by finding a golden wrapper in a chocolate bar. In addition to four spoiled children with their parents, the poverty-stricken Charlie also wins a ticket. Because the spoiled children drop out of the tour one by one due to poor upbringing, Charlie is the only one left for the grand prize, the title deed of the chocolate factory as the only true successor to Willy Wonka.

In Heerlen, the audience of Parkstad Limburg Theaters was welcomed with a drink at the Limburg premiere. Not as so often at a premiere with a glass of Champagne or Prosecco, but as it should be with a musical like this, with a cup of chocolate milk. A better reception was not possible. Taken the bowl with chunks of chocolate at the exit, the evening was complete from start to finish. With the cardboard Wonka Chocolate advertisement at the bar during the break, where you could find golden wrappers in the bars for great prices. Off is really off.

Starring one of today’s greatest young musical talents, Noah Fontijn as Charlie, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, the Musical is a joy to watch. Noah is almost perfect both voice-technically and as an actor. Almost too perfect, even at the age of 9. A pleasure to watch and listen to the young musical star. But also traditional Rotterdammer John Buisman, who was completely in his role as Grandpa Jakob. But certainly also Remko Vrijdag, who, just like Noah and director Jasper Verheugd, could already be seen in the Musical Dolfje Weerwolfje, played a masterful role as the eccentric chocolatier.

Charlie is a musical for young and old. Young, because of the cheerful, crazy story, but also for the somewhat older, partly because of the many small jokes that have been incorporated into the musical. For example, we see a painting by Gene Wilder, who was the first interpreter of Willy Wonka on the silver screen. But also references to André van Duin’s ‘Pizza song (Effe Wachte…)’, Duyvis’ commercial from 1988 (Oké, okay, okay), Chriet Titulaer and more. Small jokes that fit into the story, but gave just a little more for the older ones among us.

And then the decor. After Come From Away, the Theater Alliantie has once again succeeded in putting on a top musical with an ingenious use of the decor. As we already saw with the musical Amélie (Morssinkhof Terra Theater Productions), it is nowadays a sport to build a set for medium-sized musicals that can be used for a major musical. That was different in the 80s, 90s and 00s. However, the musicals this season are of an extremely high level when it comes to set design and that can certainly be a compliment to Joris van Veldhoven, who also designed the sets of De SprookjesSprokkelaar and Caro (Efteling theater), Dolfje Weerwolfje and Evita. Great class how the decor became so much with so little.

If Charlie and the Chocolate Factory was already a musical you skipped, this is definitely one to go to with kids. An adult musical for the whole family! Can be seen a few more times in Heerlen, after which the musical will move to Hoorn and Groningen, to return to Heerlen and Venlo at the beginning of January and to travel through the country again at the end of January until the beginning of March.

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