Weekend Café in Zeewolde

The Weekendcafé was a guest in Zeewolde last weekend. Omroep Flevoland made a program from Het Ravelijn together with the Local Broadcasting Zeewolde.

In this broadcast none other than Sinterklaas came by with his Pieten to talk about Pieten on Tour. Through this foundation, a collection is held for those families where Sinterklaas would drive past the “house”. You can imagine that people in this situation have to cut back on everything. An extra, such as the purchase of a gift for the children with Sinterklaas, is often not possible. Pieten onTour comes into action for these children in Zeewolde. The aim of the foundation is to make the Sinterklaas celebration possible for children between 0 and 12 years old; children who, due to socio-economic circumstances, would otherwise be left with an empty shoe.

Leo and Niels then spoke with Jan te Rietstap about the Christmas hamper campaign. The Christmas promotion has now become a tradition in Zeewolde. The deacons of all churches in Zeewolde, united in the Interchurch Diaconal Platform Zeewolde, and residents of Zeewolde as well, can donate products to fill the packages.


Erik Wallenburg and Mannes Schoppink came to tell about Zeewolde ‘K WIS’T a local quiz in which every Zeewolde resident can participate. ‘K WIS’T is a quiz that lasts 48 hours. At the start, each team receives a book with 75 questions. These questions are about the past and present of our beautiful Zeewolde, but also about general affairs, sports and nature, among other things. So a quiz with something for everyone, from young to old.

Zeewolde Live

Marja Appel then joined to talk about the national theater weekend that will take place in January 2023 and for which tickets can already be bought. From 27 to 29 January 2023, the theaters in Zeewolde will go wild together!Local Broadcasting Zeewolde Your source of news from Zeewolde

The Netherlands celebrates theatre! The national theater weekend will be more beautiful than ever because this time the national theater weekend will also take place in Zeewolde. You can enjoy a performance of your choice for 10 euros per person and the great thing is: all theaters in Zeewolde participate in this! Young or old, regular or new visitor: everyone is welcome during the theater weekend to come and enjoy at a great price.

Youth project ZET

Marin Jongenjes joined to talk about the youth project ZET. Saturday 3 December was the official kick-off of ZET! An initiative by young people for young people, supported by street work. ZET has found its home base in The Basement to organize activities. There is a studio where young people can record their own music, but activities can also take place in the sports room and studio. It is an important project that is also important for supporting talent development.

Local Broadcasting Zeewolde Your source of news from Zeewolde

The project was made possible in part by NOC NSF, the Richard Krajicek Foundation and the Johan Cruijff Foundation. The application for the District Spot project resulted in guidance and financial resources to actually get the plan off the ground; in addition to all support also locally.

The matter

In the last half hour of this programme, the Issue: Gerard van Ommen delves into the world of the Multifunctional Centre: should it come, yes or no?
“Too crazy for words that there is no good space for the activities of the elderly in wealthy Zeewolde”. With those words, chairman Piet Kruizinga of the 55plus council expressed his frustration about the lack of good premises where the elderly can hold their activities. He did that on Saturday together with Jannes Rennen of the Catholic Association for the Elderly in the WeekendCafé, the joint live broadcast of Local Broadcasting Zeewolde and Broadcasting Flevoland.

According to both men, the elderly in Zeewolde are very dissatisfied with the lack of proper space for their activities. “In the current De Meermin building, not everything is easily accessible for the elderly and the space is too small if more than 40 people come. It is actually a kind of emergency solution,” says Kruizinga. Jannes Rennen adds: “We have to rent special rooms elsewhere in the village for activities with larger groups. That costs a lot of money.”

Local Broadcasting Zeewolde Your source of news from Zeewolde

Previously, the elderly held their activities in the residential care center de Sphinx. They had to leave in 2019 because the healthcare institution itself needed the space. To this day no good solution has been found.

Rennen therefore argues for a new multifunctional center to be built in Zeewolde. “Opposite the paramedical center Luxor, a spacious building can be built and money can come from the sustainability fund. (That is money from the Zeewolde wind farm, which, according to the agreement, annually transfers a percentage of the proceeds to the community of Zeewolde. Ed.) From next year, there will be structural money for the community of Zeewolde and we can use that to build such a new building. Pay.”

Local Broadcasting Zeewolde Your source of news from Zeewolde

Kruizinga: “We need good accommodation quickly. We are aging and there is a need for a good place”. Runen adds: “We notice that people stay away because sometimes they have to go all the way to the other side of the village if they want to participate in something.”

Rennen has now informed the board of Zeewolde and politicians of his plan. He has also come up with a name for the building: ‘Lelyhof’. Kruizinga also likes an MFC, but he doesn’t really care as long as politicians quickly come up with a good solution for the elderly.

Column of Ard

True to tradition, Ard Redeker closed the broadcast with a column: “Has everyone been paying attention?”

Local Broadcasting Zeewolde Your source of news from Zeewolde

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