Information evening for residents with a small budget

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KRIMPENERWAARD- For various target groups in our society, national and local governments have set up schemes that can provide relief in their financial situation.

We live in a time when higher prices in the supermarket and the increase in energy costs, among other things, are increasingly limiting the room for other expenses. The elderly, the long-term disabled and young families with a low income are particularly affected.

Many do not know that there are all kinds of income supplements that make everyday life a little more comfortable. And if they already know, not everyone finds it easy to find their way to the right counter.

Check what you are entitled to
Under the motto “Check what you are entitled to!” In collaboration with the library and the municipality of Krimpenerwaard, Welzijn Krimpenerwaard organizes a meeting on 6 December in which an explanation is given about the various legal regulations.

During this meeting, Frieda Maring of the Krimpenerwaard municipality will talk about current schemes such as: scheme for higher costs for the chronically ill, energy allowance, state pension and a small pension, people on disability benefits and the Youth and Adult Sports and Culture Fund.

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Especially for the elderly
“We see more and more elderly people with an AOW (and a small pension) who find it difficult to make ends meet. There are good arrangements for these situations that the elderly can use. For example, the energy surcharge. The great thing about the energy surcharge is that there is no capital limit. As a result, many elderly people with only an AOW (and a small pension) are eligible,” says Jolanda van Dam of Welzijn Krimpenerwaard.

Especially for young families
In addition, there is the Youth and Adult Sports and Culture Fund. This fund makes it possible for residents with a minimum income to register with a sports club or music association. The Sports and Culture Fund then pays the contribution and makes a budget available to buy sportswear, for example. Whether you are entitled to these allowances depends on your personal circumstances.

Residents of the Krimpenerwaard who want to know more about this are very welcome on Tuesday 6 December at 7 pm in the library in Lekkerkerk at Talmastraat 1.

Office hours
Frieda Maring of the Krimpenerwaard municipality will tell you about the different schemes there are. After this explanation, she and the welfare advisors Jolanda van Dam and Agata Bojko are ready to answer your personal questions (in a private setting).

Those who are unable to attend this information evening can visit the open consultation hours in the WelZijns points in all centers in the municipality every week. Welfare advisers are also available there who know their way through the complicated forest of regulations.

For times and locations, visit or call 085 – 066 23 70.

This post has been read 353 times

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