Fatal kick against goal post, Coby Ensink died and Frisian culture is beheaded? | daily overview Monday 28 November

A fatal kick against a goalpost, parliamentary debate about (lack of) infrastructure in the North and environmental activist Coby Ensink has passed away. Here’s today’s news you (might) have missed.

‘North receives too little money for infrastructure’

Almost the entire House of Representatives believes that the Northern Netherlands is underdeveloped in the distribution of the 7.5 billion euros for roads and rail, it became apparent during this parliamentary debate about infrastructure plans.

‘Frisian culture is beheaded’

The Frisian flag in front of the Academy Building in Groningen was torn during an action to draw attention to the decline of the Frisian language, now that there is no successor for the Professor of Frisian. “The Frisian language and culture be beheaded.”

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Coby Ensink passed away

Coby Ensink-Vi passed away last Thursday in her hometown of Zandpol. She was world famous in Drenthe as an environmental activist and as a high-profile alderman. read this one in memory about her special life story.

Last suspected fatal robbery in Gees convicted

More than six years after Koert Elders (69) died in an extremely violent robbery at his home in Gees, Belgian Fidan J. has been sentenced to ten years in prison. According to the judge, he is “due to ruthless violence brought to life”.

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Energy bills are rising again

Households will go an average of one next year ten a month pay more for the transport costs of their electricity and gas.

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Keeper Noordster injured by kick against goalpost

Keeper Rick Wierema van Noordster injured his toe in a very strange way in the game against Peize: he kicked disappointed after a goal against the Peizer pole .

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Curly peppers at photo exhibition in Groningen

Every year, NonFiction Photo organizes the World Press Photo exhibition in the Synagogue in Groningen. The contribution of regional photographers is becoming increasingly important, this time with the theme ‘Future food’. Do you want to know what that looks like? Click here .

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