Truus van Gaal fully meets the Leco look meets Nouveau profile

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The woman to whom Louis van Gaal proposed on Tuesday at the training field in Qatar to make a ‘wippie’ later in the day in the hotel of Orange, is guest editor-in-chief of glossy this month Nouveau. Truus van Gaal is more than the wife of the national coach, that much becomes immediately clear. The key words, according to editor-in-chief Claudia Straatmans: power woman, Rotterdam accent, straightforward honesty and humour. Elsewhere in the issue, well-known make-up artist cum hair stylist Leco van Zadelhoff says she ‘completely meets the Leco look meets Nouveau-profile’.

He meticulously outlines in five stages how this came about. Van Zadelhoff talks about her appearance (‘Besides her, Louis always looks a bit more sly’) and tells in great detail which creams, hairsprays, lipstick and mascara he used to give her a ‘Jane Fonda vibe’, among other things. to accomplish.

It is almost impossible to imagine, but in addition to Truus, we also learn all kinds of new facts about Louis, the man in question who never ceases to amaze. ‘Act immediately, Truus’, according to Straatmans, was his response to the request from Nouveau. ‘Now it’s all about you. And then also at the most beautiful women’s magazine in the Netherlands, which I really enjoy looking at myself.’

Decreased libido

In the thunderous interview with Antoinnette Scheulderman, Truus van Gaal does not mince words. Even after twenty years, the couple still sleeps ‘spoon-spoon, unless he has eaten garlic’. Her ex had an affair with another woman, they gave each other their first kiss in the parking lot of star restaurant De Bokkedoorns, Louis doesn’t know how to put a cup in the coffee machine and thinks it’s fine if Truus simply prepares leek stew with sukadelaps for him. Even bedroom secrets and the decreased libido of the national coach are discussed.

As is so often the case, being a guest editor-in-chief is just a reason to put someone in the limelight. In terms of content, she had no involvement with the good-humoured magazine whose creed is ‘the power of connecting’. In addition to Truus van Gaal, Monique van de Ven and Cesar Zuiderwijk were also interviewed. Noteworthy is the serious appendix in the heart about violence against women. With the other women’s titles from publisher DPG, Dragonfly, Margaret and Flairhas Nouveau joined forces to bring the theme to the attention.

Finally, this statement by Truus van Gaal: ‘Louis is more romantic than me, he still remembers exactly which pantyhose I was wearing when we first met.’

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