The Party for the Animals wants to quickly break through more ‘climate taboos’


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Not only less flying, driving and meat, but also less fossil subsidies, polluting industry, floriculture, fertilizer and unbridled world trade. These are the “Climate Taboos” that opposition party the Party for the Animals wants to get rid of as soon as possible.

And that is possible, as deputy party leader Christine Teunissen made clear in her speech at the party congress in Den Bosch. “If we were to break those taboos, it would not be impossible at all to limit global warming to 1.5 degrees.” Teunissen temporarily replaces party leader Esther Ouwehand who is at home due to overload.


The party with six seats in the House of Representatives doubled in March in the municipal elections and now governs four municipalities: Arnhem, Almere, Amersfoort and Groningen. In the latest political barometer, the Party for the Animals is also in good shape with 9 seats. Teunissen hopes to continue the growth in the upcoming Provincial Council elections in four months.

But it is still unclear whether the party also wants to participate in the provincial government if it wins an election. Then they can make their mark on reducing nitrogen emissions, one of the most important political themes of the moment.


Teunissen made it clear in her speech that she has little sympathy for the approach of the traditional parties, who tackle problems “step by step”. That leads to delays and, according to her, there is no time for that. “It is the activists, who are turning the spotlight on the climate crisis day in and day out, giving us another chance to turn the tide.” The party will also enter into talks with the activist environmental movement Extinction Rebellion, it was announced at the congress.

The party wants to reduce the number of cows, pigs and chickens as quickly as possible. “We do want more animals, but more butterflies, bees, benthic animals, birds, fish and frogs in the ditch.”

In her speech, Teunissen lashed out at the Boer Burger Movement (BBB), which she believes sows doubt. “A party that denies that the enormous amount of nitrogen that comes from Dutch agriculture is bad for nature”. The temporary party chairman says that BBB is supported by “Big Agro”, which are larger agricultural and horticultural organizations. “BBB is a danger to animals, nature and the environment.” says Teunissen.

It is expected that BBB will make a considerable profit in the provincial elections. But it seems out of the question that the Party for the Animals will join forces with the BBB. In her speech, Teunissen calls BBB a party of “nitrogen deniers, agricultural subsidy tractors and poison sprayers. The party that stands for 600 million deaths in slaughterhouses every year.”


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