Athletic Skills Model provides creative exercise solutions in the swimming pool

You can also get better at swimming by trying other sports. Operational manager Jorick Hendriksen of the Athletic Skills Model (ASM) firmly believes that the Disc of 10! swimming and aqua sports a lot more fun and versatile. “For example, why not hang rings in a swimming pool so that as a swimmer you can swing and swing, roll, tumble and turn, climb and clamber?”

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Hendriksen likes to add his own experiences as a competitive swimmer, water polo player and swimming trainer. He has long been amazed at the decline in motor skills he sees in many of the athletes around him. As a gym teacher, he noticed the same thing, but he also knows that by learning to move well, a world can be won. For health, well-being and fitness in general. But this certainly also applies to moving in the water. “Many top athletes are known to have practiced multiple sports at a young age, including top swimmers. You can become a much better swimmer by choosing completely different forms of exercise.”


These were insights that were confirmed in the vision of good (learning to) exercise developed by René Wormhoudt and Geert Savelsbergh: Athletic Skills Model (ASM). To which Hendriksen, unsurprisingly, has been associated as operational manager for a few years now. In the vision of ASM, a versatile exercise pattern and broad motor development are central to a healthy and vital life and, above all, a lifetime of enjoyment in exercise. Based on a scientific and practically substantiated vision, this model creates exercise-friendly facilities and concepts that are accessible to many target groups such as children, adults, the elderly, adapted exercisers, recreational athletes and lifestyle athletes. But also the unfettered athlete who is increasingly on the rise these days. Hendriksen, who has already completed his master’s degree in exercise innovation at the Hogeschool Arnhem Nijmegen for several years now, therefore sees plenty of opportunities for the ASM outside top sport as well. “The concept can be applied in physical education, rehabilitation and health care, all recreational sports, unorganized sports, business and certainly also in vitality programmes. There is a structure behind it and if you know how to use it, everyone benefits from it. From top athletes from the Dutch selection to the elderly who want to stay fit and everything in between.

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From his affinity with swimming, Hendriksen knows how to easily bridge the gap to the swimming industry. “A swimming pool is more than a basin of water in which you swim back and forth. For example, why not hang rings on it, so that as a swimmer you can swing and swing, roll, tumble and turn, climb and clamber. And why is there no basket or tjoek for water polo players, so that you learn to shoot and aim in a completely different way.” Challenging and versatile movement is brought together within the ASM in the so-called Disc of 10! Hendriksen sees great added value of this program in swimming lessons and aqua sports or in offering other activities in the target group pool.

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