From ‘Restless wind’ to ‘East wind’


Sandra Vanreys releases Achterhoek version of Alan Gascoignes song on single

EAST GELRE/AALTEN/ATERHOEK – He recorded it twenty years ago and left it on the shelf for almost twenty years. It has only been available on YouTube for two years now, in the hope of collecting donations for the Parkinson’s Fund. And now the catchy song ‘Restless Wind’ by Alan Gascoigne, because that’s what we’re talking about, will be retranslated in the Achterhoek as a single by singer Sandra Vanreys.

In ‘Paul’s Kitchen’ in Lichtenvoorde, many musical dishes from the Achterhoek have already been ‘served’ for Paul van Druten’s own popular live music channel on YouTube. Prominent at the kitchen table invariably Alan Gascoigne (former guitarist of Normal). Musical people from the Achterhoek join us on a regular basis. Among them not infrequently Alan’s former Normal friends Bennie Jolink, Jan Willem Tolkamp and Willem Terhorst.

At the kitchen table also just ‘old boys currant bread’ talk, but also serious conversations. With sometimes nice consequences, such as the launch of ‘Oostenwind’, the new single by the Achterhoek country & western singer Sandra Vanreys this week. ‘Oostenwind’ is an Achterhoekse rendition of the song ‘Restless wind’ from Alan Gascoigne’s country album of the same name. He recorded it more than twenty years ago as a singer/guitarist/composer with his then Normal friends. And it was on the shelf for almost as long.
Until two years ago when Alan launched the entire album on YouTube, so that it can be listened to for everyone. With a good goal in mind. The listener, if he can appreciate the music, is asked to make a donation to the ParkinsonFonds without obligation. Preferably via Alan’s own page on the fund’s site, to which he associated after his ‘coming out’ as a Parkinson’s patient.

‘Parkinson’s Light’
“Things are going well. I recently called the Parkinson Fund about it,” says Alan at his usual place at the kitchen table in Paul’s Kitchen, where Sandra Vanreys and Henri Walterbos have also joined this afternoon to present the final mix of the single. Sandra, whom Alan has known for many years, as a singer/guitarist, Henri as the writer of the Achterhoek text.
Under the circumstances, Alan is doing well. “I think I have Parkinson’s Light”, laughs the always positive ‘Englishman in Lichtenvoorde’. “Walking becomes more difficult due to back and leg pain, but that is separate from the Parkinson’s. I’m lucky that I don’t tremble and don’t deteriorate as fast as Rob de Nijs and I don’t have the complaints that Ernst Daniël Smid has. Although I am happy for him that his complaints have been reduced so much as a result of brain surgery. I take tablets throughout the day to control the disease as much as possible.”
He still plays the guitar sparsely, just for himself, but an injury to his hand recently prevented him from doing so for several months. “I will soon be helping a band from Achterhoek that plays Southern rock ‘and stuff’ with writing English lyrics to their music. I’m really looking forward to it.” (The text continues below the video)

The story behind the single is special. “It’s a single that really shouldn’t have been there,” Henri begins. “If Alan hadn’t been diagnosed with Parkinson’s, the song would never have come out.” Some time ago Alan told Henri, in his capacity as correspondent of Achterhoek News, his story about the Parkinson’s diagnosis, which turned his whole life upside down. The correspondent, a music lover and avid Normal-Anhanger, asked Alan if he had any pieces of music on the shelf that he had never played with. A few minutes later Henri’s jaw dropped with enthusiasm when Paul opened a music list on his computer system and nine country & western songs composed and sung by Alan blared from the speaker. One even more beautiful than the other. “You have to do something with that, this is crazy,” says Henri. Paul was also of this opinion. Their mutual enthusiasm eventually led to the release of the album on YouTube. “It should be available to everyone. And if you like it, donate something to the Parkinson’s Fund”, said Alan.

When Paul asked Sandra, who lives less than ten kilometers away in Aalten, if she might want to do something with these songs, she too was surprised by the songs. She decided to study three with her trio and give Alan and wife Margot a surprise performance in an intimate setting, in the middle of the corona period. Filmed by Paul of course. Alan loved it, because something happened to his songs after all.
Sandra was now working on her own program with only songs from the Achterhoek and she asked Henri Walterbos from Groenlo to write a dialect text on ‘Restless wind’. “During Sandra’s Zomer Sessions, a spin-off of Paul’s Kitchen, I had already sung songs in dialect together with various musicians from the Achterhoek. Among others with Tim Ebbers from Groenlo, who had written a song together with Henri: ‘Ik heur hier.’ Because I liked that so much, I asked Henri to write an Achterhoek text for ‘Restless Wind’, with a theme of east wind and Achterhoek or east-related. That worked out nicely. I’ve played the song several times and decided to record and release it. I think it’s a very refreshing song.”

musical hero
Henry laughs. “It’s crazy to be asked to do this. Alan is a musical hero and Sandra is an established name in this world. And now to be mentioned in the same breath with them is quite an honor. I think it’s wonderful to write texts in the Achterhoek. The language in which I think, talk and dream.”
“It is extra nice that I asked SBS6 weather forecaster Jordi Huirne, born and raised in Beltrum, to describe the characteristics of east wind. I have incorporated that into my text, in combination with that warm and pleasant feeling of the Achterhoek and the east in general. It is not for nothing that the song contains the sentence ‘East wind, you are a ‘out the east child’, because we always find a reason to toast”, says Henri.
Alan is also satisfied with Sandra’s version of his song. “I’m really glad they did this.” Coming soon on Spotify and YouTube.

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