New ‘event resource’ in Rilland

When there was a clear cut in activities over the past two years during the corona pandemic, it became clear once again the importance of these activities. The elderly quickly became lonely and youth rarely left the house. Fortunately, many activities returned, but certainly not all, Poesiat and Nagelkerke noticed. “Take the annual Christmas market, for example,” says Nagelkerke. “Unfortunately, he didn’t come back. Not only do I think that is a shame, but also among the people in the village it is noticeable that they would be more than happy if the Christmas market would come back.”

The activities organized by the ‘event source’ itself mainly take place in and around the church. ”We would like to use our building in a different way,” says Poesiat. “The building is large and versatile enough to host many different activities and events.”


The initiative must be an addition to the existing activities that are organized by, among others, the Reformed Church, the village hall and the active youth workers. “We want to do anything but compete with others and, where necessary, organize new and different kinds of activities for both young and old and people from inside and outside the church. Ultimately, we want to organize at least one event every month. Of course we don’t do that alone; from the event source we draw up the calendar when we are going to do something, then we look for the volunteers per event who help set it up. For the time being, it is mainly volunteers from the church who are committed, but we really hope, and we will do our best, that people from outside the church will also join,” says Nagelkerke.

”It’s now a bit of pioneering and discovering what catches on, that’s why we also want to hear from the people who need it. We are now organizing a movie night and a joint dinner, but that can of course be done much broader. For example, think of music, sports and games or more culturally oriented”, Poesiat adds. “We are very positive about it and are excited to start organizing everything with the event source.”

A joint dinner will take place in De Levensbron on 16 November. For a fee of ten euros, visitors receive a starter, main course, dessert and two drinks. Check-in is from 5:45 PM to 6:00 PM. Residents can register via [email protected]

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