Ridderkerks Dagblad | Regional BAR Talk Show: How To Stay Young Forever?

The fourth edition of the regional talk show BAR-talk will take place on Wednesday 16 November. BAR-talk is an evening-long talk show by and for the region (Barendrecht, Albrandswaard and Ridderkerk) and takes place in Theater het Kruispunt in Barendrecht. In this edition, the public will find out how to stay young forever. Ticket sales have started.

About upcoming edition
The upcoming edition is all about mental, physical and optical condition. One always starts his day with a quinoa breakfast bowl, the other helps mother nature a bit by regularly injecting some botox into that annoying frown line. One would rather take the stairs than the elevator, the other can be found in the gym seven days a week, but does end the day with a glass of red wine. After all, that’s good for your heart. However? How do the residents of Barendrecht, Ridderkerk and Albrandswaard ensure that they continue to feel young?

The main guest is writer and actress Marjan Berk. As a sprightly 90-year-old, she can give her view and opinion about growing old like no other, but still remain young. Sports coach and fittest man in the Netherlands Gino Goossens, age and eating behavior coach, personal trainer and dietician Lisa van Wayenburg and a medical tattoo artist from TB Medical/Tattoo Bob Ralph Moelker give their vision on how to grow old healthy and still stay young. The public can also participate!

Youth worker of KijkopWelzijn Hassani Le Couvreur talks about the Fruit of the Hood project, in which young people get to know and participate in culture through urban workshops and activities.

In the foyer you can admire a photo exhibition in which ten elderly people from Barendrecht are portrayed. How do they grow old and stay young at the same time? Old rockers from the band Jungle Commando provide the music. And of course the public will also taste a good old red wine from De Wijngenoten!

After the talk show, Marjan Berk will sign her books. These are sold by The Read Shop Barendrecht.

About BAR-talk
BAR-talk is the talk show for the BAR region (Barendrecht, Albrandswaard, Ridderkerk). In the talk show, a platform is literally and figuratively offered to local subjects, initiatives and artists. With well-known and lesser-known guests, high-profile subjects, interesting interviews, sports, a tasting, politics and music. This is an initiative of Het Kruispunt building, Het Kruispunt theater, the AanZet Het Kruispunt/Carnisselande/Ridderkerk library, Groener Gras Productions and Spruit food & drink.

Box office
BAR talk will take place on Wednesday 16 November from 8.15 pm in Theater het Kruispunt (Barendrecht). Ticket sales have started via www.bar-talk.nl.

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