Short care news: Helpdesk Digital Care; LUMC clinical partner Philips, and more

This week in short care news attention is paid to the Helpdesk Digital Care of Gelderse Vallei, the entry of the LUMC into the worldwide network of clinical partners of Philips. Also short care news about a new e-learning for midwives and the start of the KNMP Care Innovation Prize 2023.

Helpdesk digital care in Gelderse Vallei

The Gelderse Vallei hospital opened the Digital Care Helpdesk for telephone support and the MijnZGV counter in the hospital this week. Patients can go there with questions about digital care. The MijnZGV counter is located in the central hall of the hospital, in the glass office behind the registration columns.

The Digital Care Helpdesk can be reached from Monday to Friday during office hours (09:00 – 17:00) on 085-130 45 75. “We understand that using digital care and aids is not easy for everyone. . That is why we are happy to help patients who have questions about MijnZGV, logging in with DigiD or downloading the app,” says Marjolein de Jong, chairman of the board of directors of Gelderse Vallei.

Collaboration between Philips and LUMC

Leiden University Medical Center (LUMC) has joined Philips’ global network of clinical partners to explore how the spectral detector angio CT solution could potentially open up new treatment options and improve patient care.

“We are excited about working together to create an innovative approach that can play a decisive role in improving patient care in the field of interventional oncology,” said Mark Burgmans, MD, chief of interventional radiology. of the Leiden University Medical Center.

E-learning Social Midwifery

The e-learning social obstetrics was developed by ZonMw with the aim of educating healthcare professionals early in their career about existing differences in health based on socio-economic status factors. The e-learning provides tools to set up early screening and to provide care, so that every child has equal opportunities from the start of life.

We hope that this e-learning will be a reason for future healthcare professionals to embrace the social side of birth care at the start of their career,” says Jacky Lagendijk, project leader of the Social Midwifery in Practice project.

KNMP Healthcare Innovation Award 2023

As of this month, pharmacists can register to compete for the KNMP Healthcare Innovation Prize 2023. Special healthcare innovations, initiatives that get healthcare moving and that can be applied to other pharmacists. Applications can be submitted up to and including 21 December 2022.

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