Nicole helps the elderly in Leiden: ‘We relieve informal carers’

Caring for a loved one is a matter of course for many people. But have you ever considered that 1 in 3 people is a caregiver? In Leiden there are many people who could use some extra help, both informal carers and elderly people who need help. Location manager Nicole Verduijn of Saar aan Huis in Leiden wants to make a difference with additional informal care.

Saar aan Huis can be seen as a supplement to home care or informal care. Nicole explains: “If home care is no longer possible, we take it from there and take over the tasks of informal carers. For example, we do the shopping, we cook and fold the laundry. But we also walk together, go on a trip or go to the hairdresser or a doctor’s visit.”


In addition to Saars, Brammen also work at Saar aan Huis. These are male additional carers. Saars and Brammen are there to unburden you. As a result, the client has a nice day and caregivers have time to do fun things with their partner or parents. Saar aan Huis can in some cases be (partially) reimbursed by additional health insurance or by the law on long-term care for people with a medical indication.


Nicole is a branch manager in the Leiden and Zoetermeer region. “I know all Saars by name and I do personal intakes with clients at their home. I also have a lot of contact with home care organizations, general practitioners and doctors case managers who have a lot to do with clients with dementia. We are often used by people with memory problems, so that they can continue to live independently and comfortably at home for longer.”


Nicole has a passion for working with older people in their final stages of life. “That phase is often quite intense, a lot is coming at you. Health problems and loneliness for example. I am pleased that we can be of significance to these people with this work.”


Saar aan Huis is not only meaningful for the clients, but also for the Saars themselves. “Many Saars have a different work background and are looking for a useful way to spend their week. With this work you make a client’s day a lot more beautiful.”

As a Saar, you must be available at least two half-days a week and preferably have experience in (informal) care. The most important thing is that you are caring and reliable. It is a great side job to give a meaningful interpretation to your week.


Nicole has to think about what is one of the most beautiful things she has experienced. “There are so many. But what I will never forget is a gentleman without children who has always lived in the house with his mother. The first Christmas after his mother died, he suffered a stroke. For some complicated reason, his bank account was blocked. He was lonely, limited by his stroke and had no groceries in the house anymore.”

Nicole helped him with his banking and getting things back on track. “After that I ran into him in Voorschoten. When he saw me, he got tears in his eyes because he was so grateful. I will never forget that.”


Nicole has an office at 24 Breestraat in the center of Leiden. If you are interested in becoming Saar or Bram or if you want to know more about what Saar aan Huis can do in your situation, you can always make an appointment with her.

Sarah at Home

Are you or do you know someone who could use the help of a Saar? Request additional informal care from Saar aan Huis now. Have you become enthusiastic by Nicole’s story and would you like to roll up your sleeves at home for the elderly? Then quickly register as Saar. Who knows, Nicole will train you soon!

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