The college of the municipality of Tubbergen wants to spend money on this

TUBBERGEN – In the budget of 2023, the college of aldermen and mayor proposes to spend more than 40 million on carrying out regular activities. These are activities such as care & welfare and the maintenance of public space.

In addition to this amount, the Municipal Executive wants to make 4.8 million available for keeping the cores and outlying areas liveable, the energy transition, the aging population and the health of residents.

livable cores
It is becoming increasingly difficult for the Municipality of Tubbergen to maintain facilities such as shops, restaurants, churches, cultural houses, sports facilities and schools. The municipality therefore spends 2 million on liveable centres. Investments are made in employment, social real estate and housing. 640 homes will be built from 2020 to 2030.

1 million is available for expansion by incorporation. This means that buildings are built within the core of a village on land that was already built on. Alderman Ursula Bekhuis: “It’s not just about building houses, but also about facilities and employment.”

Outer area
The mayor Haverkamp and alderman Bekhuis are concerned about the vacancy of barns in the countryside: “Many people are called about their barn that is empty.” To keep the outside area in balance, the municipality has made 4 tons available.

The municipality of Tubbergen sees new housing options for the outlying area, by means of red for red, and new rural homes and estates. The municipality wants to contribute to new revenue models for agricultural entrepreneurs: “There are also opportunities for new revenue models such as biogas/green gas,” says alderman Alderman Martin Oude Avenhuis.

Elderly too expensive
“The costs of stairlifts and home modifications are skyrocketing,” says alderman Hilde Berning. Due to the aging population, the elderly will cost more and Berning wants to prevent this. “It’s not that we don’t want to give it, but it’s also nice for residents that they can remain independent for longer.

Alderman Berning therefore wants a subsidy scheme that associations, accommodations and entrepreneurs can rely on for adjustments, so that they are accessible to everyone.

The energy transition means that a lot has to be done in the municipality of Tubbergen in the field of green energy, such as wind turbines, solar parks and biogas. National and regional agreements have been made for these tasks. The municipality is currently looking at various locations for green energy. Alderman Martin Oude Avenhuis wants a fair distribution of benefits and burdens: “I want half of the proceeds to go to the residents of the municipality of Tubbergen.”

The municipality has received €327,000 from the government to tackle energy poverty. An arrangement is being prepared.

To accommodate residents in this expensive time, the municipal assessments will be reduced by 60 euros per household.


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