Lecture ‘Hope in times of crisis’

We seem to be at a tipping point. Whether it’s about the climate, the war in Ukraine, the inevitable recession or global politics, the world seems to be in a state of crisis. What can we do with the concept of hope in these times? Is hope the same as optimism? Is hoping a duty or a sign of naivety? Come and listen to writer Anne Provoost, who after a short lecture will talk to theologian Christoph Hübenthal and Judaica Esther van Eenennaam.

You can attend this program online via a live stream or physically in the hall.

Against all knowledge

Hope has become suspect in this time of succession of different crises. It seems naive, unrealistic, against your better judgement. Writer Anne Provoost wants to give a new meaning to concepts that are inextricably linked to religion, but without a supernatural perspective: “Messages of salvation and salvation, comfort and hope, that’s what the atheist also needs. They are the stake of any engagement around our decrepit planet.”

Of vital importance?

After a short lecture, Anne Provoost will talk to theologian Christoph Hübenthal and Judaica Esther van Eenennaam. How do different ideological traditions view the concept of hope? And is there anything to hope for in a world in which man brings about his own demise? Or is hope in that case vital? Program maker Liesbeth Jansen is the moderator. Ask your own questions too!

Extra fun: Illustrator Shamisa Debroey makes live drawings at night!

About the speakers

Anne Provoost is a Flemish writer of novels, children’s and youth literature, poetry, theater and essays. She has won several awards for her work. Her books Looking into the Sun (2008) and Falling (2014) have been made into films. In her book Beloved infidels (2008) she makes a warm plea for a committed and energetic atheism.

Esther van Eenennaam is a religious scholar with a specialization in Judaism, and also chairman of the Young Judaic Society. Her passion lies mainly in rabbinic literature and its impact on contemporary Judaism. She also has a special interest in the intersection of religion and politics.

Christoph Hübenthal is a theologian and ethicist at Radboud University. He examines the life questions of a pluralistic, secularized and globalized society: “Existential questions are not only important for the individual, but also for society, because they are about relationships with others. “


You can attend this program physically in the room or online via a live stream.

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