Van Lieshout enjoys ambitious Fortuna Sittard: ‘I work in a fantastic environment every day’ | Women football

PSV Women are playing the third league game of this season today and for the third time at home. Opponent is the ambitious Fortuna Sittard Women. With the newcomer, the Helmondse Glenda van Lieshout (27) is on the bench as an assistant to trainer/coach Roger Reijners. In addition, Van Lieshout is also a player of top division FC Eindhoven.

What about the rehabilitation?

,,Good. Last Sunday, after more than a year of injury, I made my first minutes at FC Eindhoven again. I hope this is a starting point.”

A busy weekend. Today with Fortuna Women to PSV and FC Eindhoven is the top match against Saestum?

,,Especially a nice weekend with top matches. Today I am sitting on the couch at Fortuna Women. So I am not present at the top match against Saestum. I have every confidence in my FCE teammates for a good outcome.”

Where are your priorities?

,,I have an ambition within the profession as a trainer/coach on which I fully focus.“

How are you doing on Fortuna’s couch?

,,I get to work every day in a fantastic environment. There I learn a lot from the experienced staff members I work with on a daily basis. I really enjoy developing players. The process of achieving results appeals to me.”

How do you notice Fortuna’s enormous ambition?

“There is a good foundation. With good facilities, the set up weekly schedule and a good selection, it shows that it is handled professionally from the start. Building will continue from here.”

What is the difference between Fortuna (eredivisie) and a lower class FC Eindhoven (top class)?

The frequency of training. In the Eredivisie, for example, there is daily training – often during the day. At a top class, usually two or three times a week. Even in the evening after a school or working day. In addition, the facilities in the Eredivisie are aimed at being able to practice top sport. The pace in the Eredivisie is higher.”

Ten years ago you made your Eredivisie debut as a sixteen-year-old at VVV Venlo. What has changed over time?

“Women’s football has developed further, has become more professional and bigger. For example, the facilities at clubs have been greatly improved and the attention for women’s football has increased. Social media is a good platform that is used to further draw attention to women’s football.”

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