Texel is ageing: people over 55, how fit are you?

The Texel population is ageing. We are all getting older. Preferably in good condition of course! Sports Foundation Texel organizes the annual Fit-test for Texel people over 55 in Sporthal TXL on Saturday 29 October. During the check-up, which takes about an hour, various measurements are taken and, among other things, fitness, eye-hand coordination, reaction speed, pinch, leg and arm strength and agility are tested.

Prior to the physical test, participants first complete a health questionnaire so that test takers can assess whether the participant is fit enough to take the test. Height, weight, blood pressure, saturation (oxygen level in the blood), heart rate and BMI (body mass index, which gives an indication of a healthy weight) are measured.

Normal Healthy Exercise

The participants must also indicate what they are currently doing in terms of sports and exercise. According to the Dutch Standard for Healthy Exercise, everyone should exercise moderately intensively for 30 minutes a day. This includes not only sports, but also gardening, vacuuming or shopping by bicycle.


After completing the test, the results are processed and the scores are discussed in a personal conversation with the participant by exercise coach Betsie Verhoeven of Sports Foundation Texel. “We explain all the results and give advice for improvement. The participants also receive an overview of all sports and exercise activities on Texel. The Sports Foundation itself organizes a number of exercise activities, but many Texel sports clubs also have a good offer for the elderly. It’s just where one’s interests and preferences lie.”

Movement introduction program

Elderly people who want to start exercising as a result of the fit test can sign up for a movement introduction program. For eight weeks they will work with an exercise program under expert supervision. “We aim to be able to organize this program in all villages and hope that it will provide the impetus to move on to the wide range of sports on Texel. With us or at one of the sports clubs,” explains Verhoeven.

Participation is free. Texel residents who are younger than 55 years old, but would like to have their fitness tested, are also welcome on 29 October between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. You can register online at

www.sportstichtingtexel.nl/fit-test-55 or by telephone on 0222-322815. You can also request more information via this number.

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