Thoughts from local residents about the reconstruction of Katwijkerlaan

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The municipality of Pijnacker-Nootdorp, together with the Delfland Water Board, will redesign the Katwijkerlaan and its surroundings. The reason is the poor technical condition of the sheeting and retaining walls along Katwijkerlaan. The Katwijkerlaan is being renovated between the Vlielandseweg and the S/curve. The connecting roads are also being tackled.

The intention is that the raising of the quay will improve flood protection and that the drainage of rainwater and road safety will be improved, in particular for the users of the cycle path. Ultimately, the intersection must become clearer for all road users. However, not all residents are happy with the reconstruction.

Over the past period, various views have been submitted and local residents have left their voices at a public meeting and sent various emails to the municipality. They feel that little has been done with the comments. Rina Verbakel of Verbakel Techniek is one of the local residents who submitted a view, both privately and professionally. For the business part, this concerns the planned cycle path right next to the Verbakel Techniek building. Ms Verbakel believes that the cycle path will hinder their business operations. The suppliers will soon be forced to stand on the bicycle path to load and unload. Jan-Willem Maas (Progressive Pijnacker-Nootdorp) wonders how often loading and unloading should take place. “This happens every day, sometimes several times a day,” Verbakel says. When the bicycle path is blocked in the future, Verbakel’s company is the first point of contact for angry cyclists and they are not waiting for that. The exit of the cycle path also ends at a dead end and unclear corner on the Nieuwkoopseweg. According to Verbakel, the municipality is creating a dangerous situation because of this unclear road. Verbakel also foresees flooding problems when raising the dike.

Marcel Zegers has lived on Vlielandseweg since 1981 and has seen road traffic and thus traffic nuisance increase drastically. Despite earlier requests, a slope is still being constructed. Zegers requests the Municipal Executive to ensure that, since the embankment will be built anyway, the residents will not experience any nuisance from ground vibrations. The fact that the tiles of the cycle path will be replaced by asphalt also worries Zegers. This is because other traffic can use a large part of the cycle path even though it is not intended for that purpose. Zegers emphasizes that there should be a separation between the bicycle path and the carriageway, because this is a lot safer. Mr Droppert was also one of the speakers at the hearing. According to him, the height of the intersection can cause flooding in the house and in the shed. He requests the college to review this decision, so that he can keep his feet dry.

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