Newly launched e-commerce platform largest Australian alcohol flash delivery service runs on Dutch technology

Eindhoven, 6 October 2022 – The largest Australian speed camera of alcoholic beverages Jimmy Brings uses Dutch technology from the company Deity to launch its new e-commerce platform. The software developer from Eindhoven delivered the so-called Composable Commerce architecture. This technology makes it very easy for Jimmy Brings customers to make purchases via an advanced app or website, which are delivered within thirty minutes. Deity’s progressive web app (PWA) provides uniform access to Jimmy Brings’ systems.

“Giving our customers a great experience is paramount to us at Jimmy Brings,” said Jimmy Brings CEO Luke Calavassy. “We are proud of the largest on demand to be an alcohol retailer in Australia, supported by intricate logistics that operate at speed. Despite this complexity, we strive to make every online interaction localized and seamless for our customers, regardless of the device they use.”

Building a flexible, enterprise and future-oriented platform with Deity as the core gives Jimmy Brings complete freedom and control over its e-commerce services. This ensures that the Australian speed camera provider can easily and quickly integrate with new technologies and that its data is always up-to-date. This results in optimal customer experiences. With Deity’s help in strategic advice and implementation, Jimmy Brings made the complete transition from several standalone web and app applications in eight months to a unified PWA that is easy to maintain, offers flexibility and is highly scalable.

scale up
Head of Engineering Adam Watt at Jimmy Brings concludes: ”By leveraging Deity’s core, we have shortened the time to market for future developments and increased our flexibility when it comes to choices in the market. During peak times, the Deity core allows us to scale to meet demand. This in combination with integrating with our own microservices and custom solutions gives us the opportunity to expand with ease. The partnership with Deity is great, the platform allows the team to build with confidence and speed thanks to the design and setup of the core.”

Future webshops
Jimmy Brings is an example of what the future of web shops looks like. At the back, BigCommerce is connected to Deity’s Commerce Composer for key commerce features. In addition, Jimmy Brings uses the promotion engine Talon.Onein for high-quality campaigns that are based on valuable data. Additional components of the platform are Contentful for content management, Algolia as a search function and Stripe and WPay for payments. By using Deity’s unique Commerce Composer, Jimmy Brings can not only use modern Software as a service (SaaS) products, but also combine everything with its own, tailor-made services.

Modular architecture
Thorunn Devoy, Head of Partnerships at Talon.One said: “Deity’s Composable Commerce and 100 percent modular architecture allow Jimmy Brings to select and implement best-of-breed services in his e-commerce setup to build an application which is precisely tailored to his specific wishes. We are extremely proud that Jimmy Brings is working with Talon.One and Deity to enable personalized and unlimited shopping experiences at scale.”

Accelerate growth
Deity’s co-founder and Chief Commercial Officer Jamie Maria Schouren concludes: ”The launch of Jimmy Brings’ new web experience is a true milestone in the world of Composable Commerce and MACH. It proves that with a strong vision it is possible to create an ecosystem that is truly the best for the business. We have made a selection of best-of-breed technologies, tailor-made services and all combined with an excellent front-end experience. At the center is our Commerce Composer, the true power and ‘secret’ behind successful Composable Commerce projects.” Using Deity’s technology, Jimmy Brings has control over his entire e-commerce journey, says Jamie Maria Schouren. “The company is now equipped with a platform that is ready to accelerate its future growth without constraints.”

About Deity
Deity offers a platform that allows any fast-growing online business to break free from the limitations of the current e-commerce platform and allow growth without restrictions. Deity offers a truly stable enterprise solution, with the ease and speed of SaaS, while retaining the flexibility and freedom of an Open Source platform. Based in the tech city of Eindhoven, Deity has a team of experienced developers in Krakow, Poland, that is growing rapidly. For more information, visit or follow us on LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram.

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