Hospital site location ETZ Waalwijk sold

WAALWIJK – The grounds and buildings of the Elisabeth-TweeSteden Hospital (ETZ) on Kasteellaan in Waalwijk have been sold. In time, a new regional health center and 195 homes will be built on this site.

The ETZ and Mijzo are investing in the future of care in Waalwijk. They do this together with buyer and developer Peters Projectontwikkeling Schaijk BV and DM Equity Partners (investment company of Mandemakers). PrimaCura (the emergency physician’s office) will also be given a place in the new health center.

Health center and housing

In Waalwijk, ETZ, Mijzo and PrimaCura are joining forces to jointly shape care (for the elderly, among others). This will take place in a new regional health center to be built on the site where the hospital is now located. The proceeds from the site will be used for the realization of this new center.

Peters Projectontwikkeling Schaijk BV (PPO) is building 195 homes with a lot of attention for preserving and enhancing greenery, biodiversity and water buffers. There will be rental and owner-occupied homes for starters, the elderly and families, with a car-free zone in the heart of the new city district. The new health center is centrally located in the area.

Complete hospital offer

Gerard van Berlo, member of the board of directors of the ETZ, is pleased that PPO wants to redevelop the site: “The ETZ will retain a small part of the land for the realization of the health center. We want to provide a wide range of outpatient hospital care there. In Waalwijk, patients will soon be able to go for outpatient and diagnostic second-line and chronic care.” Alderman Dilek Odabasi of the municipality of Waalwijk is also happy with the plans: “I think it is important that we can continue to provide the necessary care locally”.

Mijzo and PrimaCura

Mijzo is realizing forty places for geriatric rehabilitation and primary care (rehabilitation and recovery care for the elderly) in the new center. PrimaCura’s emergency GPs will also relocate and find accommodation in the new center. There is also room for other care providers such as a physiotherapist, occupational therapist or dentist. “It must become a place where residents, patients, clients, rehabilitators and (care) professionals come to an accessible place, also to meet each other. A health center in which ‘working differently’ is central; where a contribution is made to co-reliance in order to remain as independent as possible. In which we really tackle the challenges of an aging society together”, says Mireille de Wee, director of Mijzo. Consideration is also being given to offering education in the field of health and lifestyle.

Urban plan

The complete development of the site and the precise interpretation (in addition to the outpatient, non-intensive care of the ETZ and the geriatric rehabilitation of Mijzo) will be further elaborated in close consultation between the municipality, PPO and the environment. In consultation with the municipality of Waalwijk, PPO will come up with a more detailed urban plan. PPO and DM Equity Partners attach great importance to maintaining or expanding current healthcare functions. PPO will start a participation process in 2023 in which local residents are involved.

The Waalwijk alderman Ad de Jong concludes: “The housing shortage is high, the development of this area offers opportunities to take the necessary steps in this regard and fits in perfectly with our housing ambition”.


Parts of the site are being redeveloped so that healthcare institutions can continue to provide care during the demolition of the hospital and the new health center being built. If everything goes according to plan, the new health center can be put into operation at the end of 2025.


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