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Recently, the Plassengebied village team conducted a mini-survey among the residents’ panel and via various neighborhood app groups. 78 people completed the survey. The survey was mainly about the speed of car traffic in the lake area. Attention has also been drawn to road safety in other ways.

Based on the answers to the survey, it seems that the deeper one goes into the pond area, the better the current speed of 60 km/h fits. Roughly speaking, the dividing line is at the height of the Ree/Lecksdijk, closer to Reeuwijk-Brug, 60 km/h is too fast.

Measurements by the municipality have recently shown that the average speed in the area is 45 kilometers per hour. Apparently the displayed driving behavior of (mainly) residents is not consistent with the desired speeds indicated in this survey. Apparently the head says something different than the foot. You will find the complete survey results on

Village team Reeuwijk-Village, Temple and countryside

On Thursday evening, October 6, the Village Team organizes its annual public meeting, the perfect moment to hear more about the status of building plans in the village, how a neighborhood supermarket has been set up in Polsbroek and to get in touch with people from the municipality in an accessible way. And just as important: having a nice chat with people from your environment! At 19.30 there is a walk-in with coffee/tea and at 20.00 the program starts in Amicitia. You’re coming too, right?

As a Village Team, we have already raised the flooding on the Reewal several times and the United Entrepreneurs Reeuwijk-Dorp en Tempel (VORT) has also reported this. On September 29, a project manager from the municipality examined the situation. When it starts to freeze, the situation becomes very dangerous, so we think it is important that this is resolved before winter. We ask the municipality what they are going to do about this and emphasize once again the urgency.

There has been consultation about the crossing on the Dorpsweg with the municipality, the Village Team, the school and the school’s traffic parent, who is also a representative of VORT. There is now a definitive plan that will make the crossing a lot safer. An overview of the changes will be published on our website.

The redevelopment of the Kerkweg is almost finished. The lines and the separations between the road and the cycle path have yet to be applied. The greenery is planted in November. The Village Team also kept a finger on the pulse during the work and pointed out deviations from the redevelopment plan so that things are adjusted.

Some time ago, the Village Team made some comments/critical comments and asked questions about the redistribution of underground waste containers that we received from the municipality. As a result, the municipality has slightly modified the plan. However, we did not receive an answer to a number of questions. We are again asking questions about this to the municipality.

Village team Reeuwijk-Brug

How quickly a month goes by! Of course there are days that don’t advance in time, but it’s just another month if you look at the calendar.

After a hot and dry summer, the time is moving towards autumn and the colder and wet days. They are also getting shorter. That is, the planting season begins. In recent weeks we have walked through the core looking for green areas that did not survive the summer, but also for places where extra greenery can be planted. We would like to make Reeuwijk-Brug a little greener. After all, from our built environment you are directly in the green countryside. We want to make the transition as gradual as possible.

In addition, the heat in a built-up environment can be reduced thanks to green areas. It doesn’t even require that much volume. In a stony environment, where there is no room for large trees or where a parking space would have to be sacrificed for a green area, facade gardens often still fit. You know the saying: ‘Tile out, plant in!’. Every little bit helps. If you do it with your neighbors or with the entire street, there will automatically be more volume.

We would like to help you with that! If you have ideas for an amendment to the municipal greenery, we would also like to hear from you.

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