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BODEGRAVEN-REEUWIJK – Associations, foundations and other institutions in the sports and culture sector can make use of the new Sport & Culture Fund. Every year, about 12,000 euros is available in this fund for sports and cultural initiatives in the municipality.

by Key Tengeler

Anyone with an initiative that is broader than their own club can claim a subsidy from the Sport&Culture Fund. The money is paid out after approval by a committee. Han Koevoets is one of the committee members. “It concerns a subsidy for initiatives other than the purchase of materials or refurbishing the clubhouse. Think of a sports event in the neighborhood or a cultural or historical treasure hunt through the municipality.”

How does the fund work?

The Sport&Culture Fund originated from Our Fund, a joint pot of money that is mainly used by entrepreneurs. All owners of real estate (such as buildings and land) pay the municipal real estate tax (OZB) annually. A small part of the property tax for non-residential properties – ie the properties of companies, associations and other organizations – goes to Ons Fonds.

The money from sports and cultural related real estate is collected in the Sport&Culture Fund. “You can think of club buildings, sports fields, sports halls, playgrounds and museums. In the form of the subsidy, this money goes back to the sports and culture sector.”

Creative requests

Anyone can apply online for a desired amount via This application must meet a number of conditions. “I assess the application together with director of the Evertshuis Jackie van der Vlis and director of Sport & Welfare Sanne Wouters,” says Han. “The ladies are both well known in the sports and culture world.” He smiles. “And I am chairman and director of nothing!”

Thanks to his experience, however, Han knows his way around sports and culture. He is curious about the first requests and whether it will be a storm. “Soon we will approach all associations, foundations and organizations by email with the question whether they have an idea that qualifies for the subsidy. I’m sure they’re creative enough to come up with fun things that a large part of the community can enjoy.”

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