Childcare Puk in Deurne receives first ‘Kei well done boulder’

At Puk Childcare in Deurne, they now make special videos that should encourage toddlers and preschoolers to exercise more. Reason for the municipality of Deurne to reward them with the first ‘Kei well done boulder’ that was awarded in Deurne.

Alderman Willy van den Berg presented the award to the employees of Puk Childcare on Helmondseweg on Thursday morning. The ‘Kei Goed werk-kei’ is intended to support initiatives that contribute to the objectives of Kei Goed Gezond en Geluk Deurne, part of the local Sports and Prevention Agreement. During the presentation of the first boulder, the new logo of Kei Goed Gezond and Happy Deurne was also unveiled.

Token of appreciation
“It is very good that Puk is committed to the healthy growing up of children. We want to encourage and support these kinds of initiatives. The golden boulder is a token of appreciation. The boulders are made by Art Oro and Zorgboerderij Het Spekrijt. We are going to award a number of these a year to active organizations or individuals,” explains alderman Van den Berg.

Preventing overweight
After the boulder ceremony, the scoop of the movement videos took place. The children present reacted enthusiastically; there was immediately a lot of running and jumping. Van den Berg indicates that it is not a good development that more and more children exercise too little: “To prevent physical complaints and overweight, we try to get children to exercise more often and for longer. This can be through sports, but also playful movement is good. The great thing is that this initiative arose from a meeting between various parties that are affiliated with Kei Goed, Gezond en Geluk Deurne, which has led to this effective result.”

Food & Exercise
Childcare Puk is the first in Deurne to get started with the movement videos. It is an initiative of the Food & Exercise working group, which consists of Puk Daycare, Eige Wijzz Daycare, Spring Childcare, Prodas Foundation, Leef! Deurne and GGD Brabant-Southeast.

healthier life
In Deurne, the local Sports and Prevention Agreements are joining forces under the name ‘Kei Goed, Gezond en Geluk Deurne’. Various (care) organizations and (sports) associations from Deurne are affiliated with this. Together they want to initiate a movement that will generate more and more attention for sports and health. The ultimate goal is to enable residents of Deurne to live healthy(er) lives. This does not only look at the physical health, but also the mental health of children, young people, adults and the elderly.

Ideas for a good, healthy and happy Deurne can be reported via These can be ideas from (collaborating) organizations or individuals. Kei Goed Gezond en Geluk Deurne then examines the possibilities together with the initiator(s).

Photo: Municipality of Deurne

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