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WOODEN Exercise and sports are good for your health. That is a given. But how much should you move? The exercise guidelines will help you with that. The advice is not just for adults. Children, the elderly and people with disabilities have their own guideline. The motto is ‘exercise is good, more exercise is better’.

The exercise guidelines have been drawn up by the VWS (Public Health, Welfare and Sport) on the advice of the Health Council. However, not everyone is aware of it. Research proves this, because in 2021 less than 50% of Dutch people older than 4 years reached the standard. And we spend an average of 9 hours a day sitting. Renske van Hoeijen emphasizes the importance of exercise on behalf of all physiotherapists affiliated with the medical centers in Houten. “By exercising regularly, you stimulate your health. Strong muscles make it easier to do daily activities. And with strong bones you have less chance of fractures.”

She adds: “Exercise is good for your heart and lung function and it lowers the risk of (chronic) diseases. And if you do get sick, you recover faster. Movement is good for memory, concentration and the processing speed of information. There is growing evidence that exercise reduces the risk of dementia and slows down the Alzheimer’s process. But let’s not forget that regular exercise makes you feel good, because it improves your mood and gives you energy. The substance endorphins produced in the brain makes you feel better because you are more relaxed and satisfied.”

THE MOTION GUIDELINES BY CATEGORY For adults and the elderly, the target is 2.5 hours per week of moderately intensive exercise. These are activities where your heart rate rises, but you can still talk. For example, cycling, walking, household or gardening. In addition, do activities that strengthen your muscles and bones at least twice a week, such as strength training, running or boot camp. For the elderly, it is recommended to combine this with balance exercises.

Young people up to the age of 18 have a different guideline: 1 hour a day of moderately intensive exercise and 3 times a week muscle and bone strengthening exercises. For people with a physical disability, every form of exercise counts and has a positive effect. Choose a way of moving that suits you. And make exercise a regular part of your day. Renske emphasizes: ,,Don’t sit still too often. Limit and interrupt sitting (and lying) during the day as much as possible.”

OCTOBER SENIOR FIT MONTH Sportpunt Houten is all about seniors and exercise throughout October. On Fridays and Saturdays you can have a free fitness test at various locations. And more than 20 sports providers offer free trial lessons. You can choose from about 200 lessons spread over the month of October. Something for everyone, from tennis, dancing or strength training to bridge.

Renske fully supports this initiative: ,,If you are older and keep moving, the chance of falling decreases. And you can keep doing the things that are important to you for longer. No one is too old to experience the added value of exercise.”

You can register via sportpunthouten.nl

To ask? Mail to healthy@houten.nl

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