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HENGELO – Although the real estate agency in Hengelo started twenty years ago, Pieter Gerrits (65) has been active as a real estate agent for much longer. “From 1992. I was officially sworn in at the court in 1993,” he says proudly. Pieter received the broker’s staff on his 25th anniversary as a sworn NVM broker in 2018.

By Liesbeth Spaansen

Twenty years of Gerrits Makelaardij in Hengelo
Pieter Gerrits grew up with real estate. “My father and uncle were on the board of the Gerrits-Lammers real estate agency.” After his education in forestry and cultivation technology, he started working as a broker. First employed by Gerrits-Lammers, Doetinchem location. When the fourteen Lammers branches were taken over by Meeus in 2001, the idea arose to start up for itself. “I started the following year in Doetinchem, with a second branch in Hengelo shortly afterwards. I shared the building there with ProWonen, which then had furniture stores in the region. In 2008 I stopped in Doetinchem, there was a major crisis in the brokerage. Many real estate agencies closed, or started working together.”
Gerrits Makelaardij remained, bought and sold many homes or business premises and provided valuations, and this has remained so despite the changing housing market. “We mainly have houses for sale from the region,” says Gerrits, who knows the area well. “In the countryside, the houses are very popular, especially from people in the west.”
The automation introduced in 2000 has completely changed marketing. “We used to put an advertisement for a house for sale in Contact and Graafschapbode with one photo. Since Funda was founded, series of photos, plans and videos can be viewed via mobile and online. When a house comes online now, there are immediate reactions from all over the Netherlands.”

Twenty years of BKB
Because Pieter Gerrits became a member of the IKH, the predecessor of the BKB, immediately at the start of the company in Hengelo, he has also been a member for 20 years, a second anniversary. “As a board member of the BKB, after the departure of the chairman, I became chairman ad interim and maintain contacts with the municipality and the cooperating industrial circle Achterhoek (SIKA).”
If you are organized, you can do and realize more than an individual. For example, the BKB has influence on politics. “That is necessary, because decisions are made in the municipality that affect everyone. Look at nitrogen. All (farming or construction) companies have to deal with it. But it is also about safety, care and housing. We mainly look at the most relevant matters for BKB members.” His hobbyhorse is that too few homes for the elderly are being built. “I argued for that as a real estate agent. For example, no senior housing has been built at the Kwekerij. Most seniors would like to live in a smaller and life-proof way. If this group moves, you start the flow and young people also get a chance.”

Gerrits Makelaardij in Hengelo consists of a team of four employees, including Pieter Gerrits: Tetsje Sesink, Han Nusselder and Amando de Jong. “Amando is an assistant broker and done with the theory. After his practical study he will start working as a real estate agent. He intends to continue the real estate agency after my retirement”, says Pieter Gerrits with satisfaction. He has no intention of stopping yet. “If it’s fun work, you don’t suffer much.”

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