GO Waalwijk Festival will be a surprising and varied family festival

On Sunday 25 September, the center of Waalwijk is the stage for the GO Waalwijk Festival.

Photo: Pix4Profs / Gino van Outheusden.

WAALWIJK – On Sunday 25 September, the GO Waalwijk Festival will take place in the center of Waalwijk. During this Sports & Uitmarkt, dozens of sports and cultural organizations and local talents from the municipality of Waalwijk show what they have to offer.

The program is richly filled with a variety of sports and exercise activities and plenty of dance, singing, music, theater and creative workshops. The family festival is for young and old, with attention also for people with disabilities.

GO Waalwijk encourages residents of the municipality of Waalwijk to participate in sports and culture. In order to get acquainted as easily as possible, dozens of organizations will show themselves on Sunday 25 September during the GO Waalwijk Festival. Visitors are welcome to try out sports and demos, and can watch a varied program of music and dance performances by local talents throughout the afternoon. Due to the large number of participating organizations, the GO Waalwijk Festival covers a large part of the center in Waalwijk, where sports and culture mix. There is much to see and experience around Raadhuisplein, Winterdijk, the city garden on the Hooisteeg and the Market, and thanks to the collaboration with the city center management, the festival will continue to the De Els shopping center. It is also shopping Sunday.

Local talent, sports, workshops and cabaret

The sports and exercise offer is particularly diverse thanks to the presence of about 25 providers. From padel, handball, hiking and sailing to yoga, swimming, table tennis and much more. Music and dance performances and presentations take place on various stages and in the kiosk on Raadhuisplein and in the city garden on Hooisteeg. Music is also made on the Markt and there are a few walking groups that treat the public to music throughout the center. There is also room for ‘previews’ of performances. For example, the musical cabaret duo Piep foam will give a preview of the performance that is planned for later this season in Theater De Leest and various choirs, musical association NEXT and other local talents will perform. In the Huis van Waalwijk, a pop-up exhibition of GMHK will be set up especially for the festival, along with guided tours, yoga and musical performances. Anyone can enter the Shoe Quarter for free creative workshops; the studios in the Hooisteeg also open their doors.

Youngest youth and also seniors and people with disabilities

The GO Waalwijk Festival can rightly call itself a family festival. For the youngest youth, there is a varied program from the start at 11 a.m. Plans include dance performances, reading stories, creative workshops, youth theater in Winterdijk30b, tinkering with the famous duo Buurman & Buurman in shopping center De Els, living proverbs and of course the wide range of sports activities. Mascot Sjors Sportief/Creative from GO Waalwijk will make his appearance several times during the day. Children can win nice prizes with a stamp card. Specific exercise and sports facilities are available for seniors and people with disabilities. For example, there is a wheelchair track and a bicycle square is being set up on the square in front of the town hall where special needs bicycles can be tried out. The G-team of RWB Waalwijk plays a demo match.


During the GO Waalwijk Festival, Mayor Ausems will announce who will win the Waalwijk Inspiration Prize 2022 and who are the winners of the photo and coloring competition of the municipality of Waalwijk. The full program and an overview of all participating organizations can be found at www.gowaalwijk.nl/festival. The GO Waalwijk Festival starts on Sunday, September 25 at 11 a.m. and lasts until 5 p.m., after which it will be concluded in the city garden on the Hooisteeg from 5 to 6 p.m. with a dazzling performance by the well-known live band Band Time Out. Admission to the GO Waalwijk Festival is free.


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