Nature impulse along the N246 near Buitenhuizen

For example, various enclosures have been installed and volunteers from Kontakt Milieubeheer Zaanstreek (KMZ) drilled breeding holes for wild bees on Friday 9 September 2022.

Earlier this year we removed poplars that were at the end of their life and therefore posing a risk to road safety on the N246. In response, KMZ came up with the wish to strengthen nature in the immediate vicinity. We worked out ideas together with KMZ and implemented some of them.

‘Nature gets an enormous ecological boost here. Rijkswaterstaat has really done the maximum together with citizens and organizations to achieve this. An example project!’according to David Sluis and Monique Zonneveld of GroenZaans and KMZ.

Biodiversity at the nature bank Buitenhuizen

Since July 2022, 2 enclosures for bar-tailed bats and pipistrelles and a kestrel box have been enriching the natural bank. One of the boxes is just past the viewing screen at the sand martin wall, where a pair of kingfishers have nested this year.

A stork’s nest was also placed in the nature bank in August. KMZ volunteers drilled nesting holes in the woodpiles for wild bees and monitored the habitation of the bat boxes.

Next winter, so-called fish forests will be created: piles of willow branches that provide shelter for young fish under water. These facilities further enhance the biodiversity of the natural bank.

Walking route nature bank Buitenhuizen

The nature bank at Buitenhuizen is part of walking routes, such as the Noord-Hollandpad. Information boards tell visitors more about the area.

This nature reserve along the banks of the North Sea Canal is a home for all kinds of animals: sand martins and kingfishers have found their way to the breeding walls, various reed songbirds can be heard and fish and other animals shelter and rest in the reclaimed lakes.

Replanting trees

Trees are returning to the site of the removed poplars, in a great diversity: more than 300 specimens of native species, such as black poplar, aspen, Norway and field maple, alder, silver and soft birch, hornbeam, sessile oak, sweet cherry, wild apple, mountain ash, winter linden. 7 types of shrubs are also being planted.

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