Outdoor exhibition about domestic violence at Raadhuisplein Emmen

Sixteen large photo boards with penetrating portraits and stories about domestic violence and child abuse will be on the Raadhuisplein in Emmen from next Tuesday, August 30. The outdoor exhibition ‘WE… break the circle of violence’ tells the stories of people who have broken ‘the circle of violence’ they were in. The exhibition is intended to draw attention to the violence that 200,000 adults and 119,000 children face in our country every year.

Domestic violence

Domestic violence and child abuse is often an invisible problem that takes place indoors. It is difficult for victims to seek help themselves. Often they need others to get out of their circle of violence. The exhibition of the Open mind foundation shows that everyone can play a role in making domestic violence and child abuse a topic of discussion. The signs contain a telephone number and a QR code that visitors can use to contact if they want to tell their story or make a report.

Opening on August 30

Next Tuesday, August 30 at 4 p.m., Alderman Dewy Leal of the municipality of Emmen will open the outdoor exhibition. She does this on behalf of all twelve municipalities in Drenthe, the Center for Sexual Violence (CSG), Safe Home Drenthe (VTD and Treant, together with the Open mind foundation. Dewy Leal: “The problem of the 200,000 adults and 119,000 children who are victims of domestic violence, child abuse or sexual violence is often invisible.

This is because it takes place behind the front door and victims often do not (dare to) step outside. With this exhibition we want to show that everyone can play a role in making violence a topic for discussion. By giving someone a helping hand or by giving extra attention, that person can sometimes take the step to break the circle of violence.”


The exhibition on Raadhuisplein is open to everyone until September 20. The outdoor exhibition will be in Assen from October 24 to November 14. ‘WE…breaking the circle of violence’ came about thanks to the collaboration between the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport, the national program Violence does not belong anywhere and the Drenthe region and was created by the Open Mind Foundation.


A symposium is linked to the exhibition on Raadhuisplein: ‘Nothing is what it seems’ on Tuesday 13 September in the ATLAS Theater. All professionals who work with children, adults or the elderly are welcome here. This is an interesting meeting not only for healthcare professionals such as general practitioners, dental assistants, nurses/carers, but also for teachers and professionals from childcare, for example. The symposium will discuss how to identify violence, how to act and how to communicate. After the plenary morning part, participants can choose from six different workshops. You can register via the municipality (m.kemkers@emmen.nl), full is full.

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