Egmonder (20) arrested after assaulting hotel guest: “Was just Mallorca”

A Swedish guest of a hotel in Egmond aan Zee was assaulted last night, presumably by several people. One inhabitant (20) of the village has been arrested so far. It was also a turbulent night for residents living in the vicinity of the hotel due to noise pollution from the accountants who are guests there.

Maaike Polder / NH News

First the abuse: a police spokesperson tells NH Nieuws that they received a report from Pompplein in Egmond aan Zee around 1.30 am. Officers find an injured man and it turns out to be a 24-year-old Swede.

He is a guest of hotel Zuiderduin. This week 1,200 Scandinavian employees of the international accountancy firm EY are staying there and last night they had a party. The still young accountants stay there for a week for a conference. ‘Building a better working world’ is written on flags in front of the hotel.

Pompplein is a few hundred meters walk from the hotel. “By asking the right questions to the right people, we were able to arrest a suspect close to the hotel for the assault,” said the police spokesperson.

It concerns a 20-year-old man from Egmond aan Zee. A resident of the hotel sees him being handcuffed. “It was full of police cars here,” she tells NH Nieuws from her balcony. She and dozens of other neighbors didn’t sleep a wink last night.

“It was one loft with noise. Earlier days there was also noise, but last night was the worst”

local resident

There was noise nuisance until at least 3 a.m. “People on the balconies drinking, talking loudly in the street. Young people partying. It was one loft with noise. Earlier days there was also noise, but last night was the worst. It looked like Mallorca.”

Others are also complaining about noise on Facebook. “It was like a nightclub.” And another jokes: “Sun, Drink, Zuiderduin?” The hotel has since apologized in the village’s Facebook group and several local residents have also had a conversation with the manager of Zuiderduin.

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“He was a very nice man who took me very seriously, we are good neighbours. I have lived here for 34 years and we hardly ever have any nuisance,” said the local resident. “They promise to get well. And I really hope so, because the guests will stay until Friday, I understood.”

The manager of the hotel informs NH Nieuws that in the coming days they have hired two extra security guards who will patrol outside. Tonight the 1,200 accountants are said to have a ‘night of rest’ and tomorrow they will travel to Amsterdam.

The reason for the fight is under investigation by the police.

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