digiGO explores possibilities ‘digital experience centers’ • Contractor

digiGO will explore the possibilities for setting up a network of . in the second half of 2022 digital experience centers. “We want to use this to increase and accelerate the internal adoption and visibility of digital chain innovations, projects by digiGO and other parties,” explains quartermaster Jan Wester. Utrecht is the first location region in our sights.

Demonstrate, experience and try out state-of-the-art possibilities and solutions. That is the aim of the intended center, with the provisional working title ‘Digital Experience Center Built Environment’. The possibility of realizing such a center is being investigated via a so-called digiGO Acceleration Project: what needs exist, what form and design should such a center, or network of centers, take and how viable is such an initiative?

Facilitate organizations

Wester: “By inspiring and offering the opportunity to actually work in a data-driven and digital way, companies and organizations are facilitated in a process from ‘knowing’ to ‘wanting’. They are then guided to ‘can’ and ‘do’ via a structured process based on cases from their own practice. With a network of centers we also guarantee the possibility to experiment close to home.”

Low-threshold experimentation

A facility that offers low-threshold access to demo and experiment facilities, where project and meeting rooms are also available, is being considered. If desired, supplemented with options for customized training and software and tooling that are offered operationally as a kickstart package. Mutual interaction and community formation is of great importance, also with partners from the world of (geo) data, ICT and the creative industry.

Utrecht companies

The province of Utrecht is being considered as a location region for a first center. DSGO Program Director Ries Bode: “DigiGO has recently become associated with the multi-year public-private innovation program ‘Digitalization in the circular construction economy’ of the regional development company (ROM) Utrecht Region by signing a letter of intent. This program offers opportunities to actively involve Utrecht companies in the development of the Digital System Built Environment (DSGO).”

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