National Commemoration 15 August 1945 in 2022

On Monday, August 15, 2022, we will commemorate the end of the Second World War for the Kingdom of the Netherlands and commemorate all victims of the war against Japan and the Japanese occupation of the Dutch East Indies. The war experiences and the large-scale displacement that followed continue to affect 2 million Dutch people to this day with an Indian war story in the family and also in our society as a whole.

The war affected all sections of colonial society in the Archipelago, including Indonesians, Indo-Europeans, Europeans, Moluccans, Indo-Africans, Papuans, the Jewish-Indian and Sino-Indonesian communities.

Indian family history. There are now more than 2 million Dutch people with an Indonesian family history. This group of Dutch people is as diverse as the colonial society from which it originates. Despite the different backgrounds of these Dutch people, they share the same history: losing their motherland, the war experiences in Asia and the impact of large-scale displacement and the cold reception in the Netherlands. Experiences that carry over into future generations.

(Photo Ilvy Njiokiktjien – 2017)

The Indisch Monument is a (grave) monument in The Hague in memory of all Dutch citizens, soldiers and Romoesja who became victims of the Japanese occupation (1941-1945) of the former Dutch East Indies during the Second World War. It is designed by Jaroslawa van den Broek-Dankowa (1925 – 1999). She was a Bulgarian-born Dutch sculptor. The artwork was placed in 1988

wreath laying. This year too, connection and inclusivity are central again during the commemoration. Connection is expressed, among other things, during the laying of wreaths for all victims. As in previous years, wreaths are laid for all civilian and military victims. A large part of the Dutch soldiers were conscripted. During the war, the entire male civilian population was drafted into the army and ended up in POW camps.

The wreath for all victims of war violence and the Japanese occupation is laid by Mr Rocky Tuhuteru on behalf of the civilian victims and Mrs Bonny Lelieveld-van der Zee on behalf of the military victims.

Indonesian victims. As in previous years, the Ambassador of the Republic of Indonesia will also lay a wreath in memory of all victims of the Second World War. This year it is Mr Mayerfas. He will lay the wreath on behalf of all Indonesian victims.

Indian jasmine. The special Melati wreath consists of hundreds of handmade Melati’s, which are made at home by people from all over the country. The wreath is laid by three generations from the same family: Mrs. Peggy Hoefsloot-Middelkoop, her son Paul Hoefsloot and her granddaughter Femke Hoefsloot. The Melati, the Indian Jasmine is the symbol of the National Commemoration 15 August.

Start of the evening. The National Commemoration takes place on the field at the Indisch Monument in The Hague (Prof. Teldersweg). For the first time, the commemoration will take place in the evening and will be broadcast live in the evening by the NOS on prime time. We believe that we have taken an important step towards a sustainable existence of the commemoration in the long term.

Chairman Thom de Graaf: ‘We have been working hard for years to make the National Commemoration meaningful for as many people as possible. That is why we are pleased that we can now hold the commemoration at the beginning of the evening, at prime time, in collaboration with NPO and NOS. Moving the commemoration to the early evening gives many more people the opportunity to experience it via live television broadcast. I realize that this is difficult for the elderly who were used to the afternoon. That is why we ensure that the field is already open in the afternoon. People are welcome on the field from 5 p.m. to lay flowers in advance and to meet each other over coffee and gingerbread, just like in previous years.

Hague collaboration. A number of cultural organizations in The Hague also organize meetings during the day at various locations in The Hague, in which visitors can participate and meet each other prior to the commemoration. Click here for the day program. More information about the commemoration at:

Prime Minister Rutte takes part in the National Commemoration of the capitulation of Japan on 15 August 1945 on Monday, August 15, 2022. The commemoration will take place at the Indisch Monument in The Hague. In addition to the Prime Minister, State Secretary Van Ooijen of Health, Welfare and Sport will also be present.

77 years ago, the capitulation of Japan brought an end to the Second World War in Southeast Asia and thus for the entire Kingdom of the Netherlands. The National Commemoration Foundation 15 August 1945 annually organizes this commemoration in which all victims of the war against Japan and the Japanese occupation of the former Dutch East Indies are commemorated.

During the memorial meeting, Prime Minister Rutte and State Secretary Van Ooijen will lay a wreath at the Indies Monument on behalf of the Council of Ministers. Other authorities and representatives of the organizations involved also lay a wreath. Lectures are held prior to this. The ceremony will be concluded with a parade past the Indies Monument.

Commemoration in Amstelveen: On Sunday 14 August 2022, the fallen and victims of the Second World War in the former Dutch East Indies are commemorated at the Indies monument in the Broersepark in Amstelveen.reports the Foundation for Commemoration of the Fallen and Victims in the Dutch East Indies.

The commemoration will be opened by our chairman, Mr JCEM Bouwens. Followed by speeches by our mayor, Mr. TR Poppens and lieutenant colonel J. Verwoerd, general chairman of the board of the Bond van Wapenbroeders. This year our guest speaker Mrs. Willy Glorius-Jansen talks about her family (a mixture of cultures and experiences in the Dutch East Indies from before and during the occupation by the Japanese. In 2020 she received a royal award for her volunteer work with the elderly in Amsterdam North. you are most welcome to attend the commemoration, which starts at 7:15 pm.

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