Eating out healthier and less food waste in Hoeksche Waardse catering industry

Party center De Eendrachtshoeve (South Beijerland), restaurant De Battery (Strijensas), Kookstudio Hoeksche Waard (Numansdorp) and Alerimus (Healthcare institution De Buitensluis in Numansdorp) participated from 28 March this year in a program to combat food waste. And with success! For example, plate waste per guest has decreased by 33%.

Part of the program was the YourChoice campaign. The 4 participating catering entrepreneurs have added at least 1 more sustainable or healthier dish to their menu or have adapted an existing dish.

Appreciation for sustainable and healthy YourChoice dishes

Vegetarian food or less meat, local products and therefore a smaller ecological footprint are part of sustainable and healthy food. The guests clearly appreciated the new dishes. In the past few months, 359 YourChoice dishes have been sold.

More insight into what is being wasted

Dennis Fingerling (De Eendrachtshoeve), Fons Slijpen (De Battery), Michka Chel (Kookstudio Hoeksche Waard) and Ad Verhagen (Alerimus) have become more aware of food waste in their own business through their participation. This has given them more insight into what food is wasted on a daily basis.

The catering entrepreneurs involved their employees in this project. They still make delicious dishes, but now they know better how to waste less food.

New collaborations and initiatives arise

The project has created new collaborations, such as between Alerimus and Kookstudio Hoeksche Waard. They plan to jointly organize workshops for single elderly living at home, so that they can continue to eat healthy and cook for themselves longer. Dennis Fingerling offers local residents the opportunity to hand in their old frying fat at De Eendrachtshoeve. The 4 catering entrepreneurs are thus setting a good example to their Hoeksche Waard colleague entrepreneurs in the catering industry. They want to encourage them to tackle food waste.

Why pay attention to food waste?

In total, a third of food is wasted in the Netherlands: 2 billion kilograms of food annually! This already starts with production and in the catering industry and it also happens with the consumer. The catering industry has about 14% share in this. This project, which has now been completed, fits in nicely with the sustainability policy of the municipality of Hoeksche Waard, which focuses on combating or reducing food waste.

The program was made possible by the municipality of Hoeksche Waard and the province of South Holland and supervised by Greendish. Greendish is a national center of expertise that guides food providers on their way to sustainable and healthy food.

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