Connect the World: podcast about Bitcoin & Lightning with interesting guests

Recently you will find the podcast Connect The World, an English-language spin-off from the Satoshi Radio community, aimed at the Lightning Network on Connect The World keeps you informed of the latest developments, but especially impresses with interviews in which various leaders from the Lightning community speak.

The hosts, Edward and Stef, are acquaintances in the Dutch Lightning community. The podcast is an English-language ‘spin off’ of the Dutch-language podcast Satoshi Radio, around which an enthusiastic community has arisen, of which both are part. This community hosted the biggest Ring of Fire ever.

At the end of last year, the two decided to start a podcast. Connect the World focuses solely on the Bitcoin Lightning Network, with interesting interviews and updates on the latest developments. By and for the Lightning community.

“It starts with a belief in the ever-expanding role of the Lightning Network as a second layer on top of Bitcoin, because Lightning gives us more options like instant payments and more scalability, and low transaction costs around the world. That’s really great.”explains Edward (in English) during the first episode.

“All the features needed for the Bitcoin payment network are in Lightning. It really gives us the benefits we were looking for for the Bitcoin payment network. And it’s expanding itself so fast, there’s a lot of innovation happening in the Lightning community, so we thought it was time to start a podcast focused only on Lightning.”

Interesting guests

The hosts are themselves Lightning community insiders and manage to interview various leaders from the worldwide Lightning community on a weekly basis.

From Lightning developers like Alex Bosworth and Rusty Russell, to Tongan politician Lord Fusitu’a and ‘podfather’ Adam Curry, in the ’21 minutes’ segment, the hosts fire as many questions as they can in 21 minutes.

Listen and watch

There are already more than 40 episodes of Connect the World, which can now also be listened to via You can also find the podcast via Podcasting 2.0 ( or various well-known podcast channels (including Spotify and Apple Podcasts). You can find videos of the episodes on Youtube.


Connect the World is a sympathetic initiative that contributes to the worldwide information provision and adoption of Lightning. Bitonic shares the vision that Lightning will play an increasingly important role and we are therefore happy to support the podcast.

We recently sponsored the podcast with our exchange BL3P, the first exchange in the Netherlands to support Lightning – a logical match for Connect the World.

All episodes of Connect the World can be found here. Want to listen to more podcasts? Then take a look at the other podcasts on our site!

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