KMI announces code orange for heat wave: ‘We are in the warmest week of 2022’

The mercury will climb above 30 degrees again next week, the RMI reports. It already announces code yellow for Sunday, Monday and Tuesday and from Wednesday it will even be scaled up to code orange. And because the temperature indicator for the ozone and heat plan is exceeded, the warning phase of the federal ozone and heat plan and the Flemish heat action plan will be activated.

The RMI now also officially warns of an upcoming heat wave in our country. Over the next few days, a vast high-pressure area with a core over the British Isles will expand into southern Scandinavia. ‘Along its southern flank, increasingly warmer continental air flows into our region. From Sunday, temperatures can rise to 25 degrees or more in many places. In the middle of the week we expect maximums of more than 30 degrees in many regions. At the end of the week and next weekend, the mercury could reach the 35-degree mark or even exceed it locally. In the coastal region it will remain cooler for the first part of the week thanks to persistent winds from north to northeast.’

‘Based on these expectations, it is therefore very likely that the interior will end up in a heat wave from Sunday or Monday (depending on the region),’ says the RMI. ‘That’s why we’re issuing a yellow warning for the next few days. The heat wave could last until after next weekend. As we expect highs above 32 degrees before the end of the week, the inland warning will be scaled up to orange from Wednesday. It is advisable to make the necessary preparations to limit the consequences of this period of great heat. This warning can still be adjusted according to the evolution of the weather situation.’

Normal ozone concentrations

In the case of code yellow, the RMI recommends taking measures to protect the elderly and the weak. “Let them drink more and not be in direct sunlight,” it sounds. ‘Be alert.’ More measures apply to code orange. ‘With such very high temperature values, certain measures will be necessary: ​​drink regularly, dress lighter, spend the day in cooler rooms, monitor your health regularly, easily digestible food and smaller portions and keep doors and windows closed to keep out the heat. to keep. Be prepared and follow the advice of the appropriate authority.”

General and permanent smoking and fire ban in Flemish forest and nature areas from Monday

Other authorities are also warning about the heat wave. This also activates the warning phase for the ozone and heat plan. This happens if the sum of the difference between the predicted maximum temperature in Uccle and 25° Celsius is higher than 17° Celsius for five days. Normal ozone concentrations for the time of year are expected in the coming days. Exceedances of the European information threshold, of 180 µg/m, are not predicted. From Wednesday, the combination of air pollution, high temperatures and sunny weather could increase concentrations.

‘Take care of others’

The general advice of Care and Health is: drink enough, keep yourself and your house cool. “But we also explicitly ask to take care of others,” says spokesperson Ria Vandenreyt. ‘Keep an eye on children, visit the elderly or those who are on their own. Do they drink enough? Are their clothes adapted to the heat? Do they have a cool place to rest?’

Municipalities, home care services, residential care centers, general practitioners, childcare and youth associations that work with these vulnerable groups are asked to take measures against the heat. The tips and recommendations of Care and Health can be found on the site


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