Goalkeeper Mitchell van Oort back in Nieuwegein

Aug 7, 20:07

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NEWGEIN • Mitchell van Oort is going to try his luck at Geinoord. After two seasons as goalkeeper at the Houten Delta Sports’95, he returns to Nieuwegein.

Last season it seemed that he would defend Geinoord’s goal, but the ”transfer” did not go through yet. But in the spring, talks followed again, which eventually led to the transfer to Geinoord. Mitchell hasn’t exactly taken the love for goalkeeping from a stranger. His father Jos spent many seasons under the bar at VSV Vreeswijk. But Mitchell has seen little of that. “I was too small for that then.”

second team

After having played in the youth of Vreeswijk for a few seasons, Mitchell signed up as a member of JSV. Logical because the Van Oort family had meanwhile moved to Nieuwegein Noord, a stone’s throw from the JSV sports park. Initially Mitchell played there in the youth, but he was soon transferred to the seniors, where he ended up in the second team. There was no place for him in the first team. “Pascal Florie was too much of an obstacle for me,” said Mitchell, who was later taken over by Benschop. “I’ve had four great seasons there.”

Holiday in Tenerife

“Benschop is a really nice club, a cozy village club”. After Benschop, Mitchell continued his career at Delta Sports’95. ”Of course I know Geinoord a bit. Not only because former JSV players such as Jeroen Scholman and Luc Jansen Venneboer walk around there, but also because I was under the bar at Delta Sports’95 last season when Geinoord op Parkhout was the opponent. We lost that game by the way.”

Mitchell has now finished his holiday on the island of Tenerife. “We had a lot of fun there but to be honest, I didn’t really do much on my fitness. So it will be hard work soon. I actually used the period in Tenerife more to recover a bit.’ But now I’m really looking forward to it again. The ambitions of Geinoord – trying to finish as high as possible and after a while try to promote to the first division – appeal to me very much. I definitely want to contribute to that.”

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