Bad stocks do better


Plus: Stagflation is not the problem, private market solves climate crisis, best energy stocks, bear market is a great buying opportunity, and more.

Stagflation is not the problem
JP Morgan AM investment strategist Vincent Juvyns is not overly concerned about recession and stagflation. However, he urges investors to be cautious. He is positive about value stocks and dividend stocks. Even better, he says, are the equity and bond opportunities in China. Vincent, come in!

Chinese housing market is a thing

Stocks and bonds no longer accumulate together
“In the second half of the year, bonds can rise in value and stocks fall.” Fabio Faltoni presents the key points from Invesco’s latest half-year outlook.

Biggest changes come from private market
Will Nicoll makes a strong case for private companies that make the energy transition possible with their solutions. “The private market contains assets that will fundamentally change our economies over the next 20 years.”

Bad stocks do better
Remarkably, a broadly diversified portfolio consisting only of stocks blacklisted by many ESG investors outperforms the market, research shows. “Those investors who care only about returns could consider building a “vice” portfolio and then if they desire, donate the higher expected returns directly to causes they care about.”

July rally was a bear market rally?
“Investors may have sighed a breath of relief in July after months of pain. And perhaps we have already seen the market’s 2022 lows and this recovery will follow the rapid pace of 2020. But a broader set of base rates suggest there’s reason to be cautious , that risk is still elevated, and that we might yet experience an even more significant drawdown.” Here’s the story.

Buy now is buy with discount

Popular funds do better
As soon as investors withdraw a lot of money from funds, the chance of a good performance is immediately less, a thorough and technical American study proves.

So hoping for a warm summer

Which energy stocks are the best European fund managers buying?
Morningstar analyzes which energy companies are in the portfolios of the best European fund managers.

Good news from the container price front

Active vs Passive
The returns of the IEX Fund 40 (actively managed mutual funds) and the IEX Index 20+ (ETFs).

High inflation doesn’t just disappear
Rabobank economist Hugo Erken: “It is sensible that the cabinet does not want to repair every financial setback with incidental allowances. However, targeted policy is indeed necessary. After all, it seems that the period of price increases is taking longer than we had previously thought. , resulting in a permanently significantly higher average price level.” What measures is Erken considering then?

Dutch inequality is not that bad

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